Mouse Recommendation

I Need to buy an expensive Mouse..Read Bellow ty

Thing is...i need a mouse that works ONLY when its IN TOUCH with the mousepad..i mean to say i have a habit of picking my mouse up again n again to reposition it everytime i move it side ways..

But after trying some of the razer mice..they all READ the pad even when an inch above the mouse in-game wen i aim left..and im out of space i wanna reposition the mouse on the pad again but bringing the mouse back will get my crosshair to the right again :S

Ive heard that mx518 is a mouse tht works only when its intouch with a surface..

So - which mouse do you recommend? and is it true ive heard abt mx 518?

Ill be grateful if you help me out man.. :S

Yes its correct about mx518