Motorola wimax cpei 750 is making me mad regarding portfowarding

guys i urgently need your help.ok here is the deal,i bought wateen connection of 1 mb ,its using motorola wimax cpei 750 router.i was using utorrent for 2 months fine but now its showing a yellow box at the bottom showing no incoming connections which is hampering my download speed a lot.i do know that i need to foward the port on my router but its not listed on,i have done a lot,like changing to static ip,enabling upnp on the router,opening the port on my PC,making the exception in windows xp sp2 origional firewall,even tried to foward port but nothing seems to work which is really making me mad.Please help me,lastly i want to say that on my router page where it says status i noticed that its showing different ip address( which is not my router address(,does that mean i am behind two routers and astonishingly when i typed that ip address( the page opens with the same settings that are of my origional router which really makes me livid,god damn i even tried DMZ,please help

You are not alone. check out this thread

I got 1MBunlimited package, I'm thinking maybe it's caz I crossed 30GB limit (according to wateen, speed will be reduced after 30GB, but they never said anything about blocking ports)

bro there are lot of people having the same problem,so we are doomed,yar what do u recommend,if i change the connection whats the guarantee that ports will be open,secondly what is the best way to download movies other than torrents and i dont mean rapidshare because one file at a time is no good,what do u think about our options,is there any torrent software which dont need god damn ports to be openned

After few days, my utorrent is working again, all ports are open. but speed is too slow. Check your ports now.

yar shoaib you are right,but here is the point i noted,the torrents which have a lot of seeds and peers like for example in piratebay the top 100 movies have a lot of seeders,these torrents put my utorrent status ok but again the speed is very slow just like u said but torrents without great number of seeders put the yellow circle light back on utorrent,i called 111365111 and as usual they said ports are not blocked,bro i guess the only option left for us is to get rid of wateen crappy connection,what do u recommend is the best option for me and is there any guarantee that ports will not be blocked by other ISPs like vitribe