Motherboard capacitor problem..?

I bought few weeks back DELL OPTIPLEX GX270(second hand) from galaxy..

But afterwards I found comments on net that this model was recalled by dell due to leakage and bulging capacitors of motherboard....

I opened up the box and found out that capacitors were intact and no damage is done uptill now (thank god)..It means that I have to keep the temperature as low as possible to avoid any disaster!!!

So what should I do???

surge in Voltage can cause capacitors to burn.

Thats wat happened to my mobo.

So what to do to avoid it???

use a better power supply

Should I buy COOLER MASTER..It's cost is 3500 at galaxy to avoid my capacitor leakage???What do u say???

@ dogarsahab

I'll suggest you to sell your motherboard and buy any other one (that doesn't has history of capacitor problem).

Why? Because it's not a heat problem. Cooling is good but whether your apply extra cooling or not, if it has defected capacitors then eventually it will fail.

Here is how a capacitor goes bad:

"When a faulty capacitor is charged, the water-based electrolyte becomes unstable, and breaks down producing hydrogen gas. Since these types of capacitors are sealed in an aluminium casing, the pressure builds up within the capacitor until either the flat metal tops of the capacitor begins to bend, or the rubber sealing plug is pushed down. Eventually the pressure exceeds the strength of the metal casing and venting occurs, either by blowing out the rubber bottom of the capacitor, or bursting the scored metal vent on the top of the capacitor. When an electrolytic capacitor bursts, effects can range from a pop and a hissing noise to a small explosion. Venting is typically messy, and the acidic electrolyte must be cleaned off the motherboard to prevent further damage."

Furthermore, it can even damage your processor, RAM and other components.

Prevention is better than cure. I am basing it on my own experience. I am also a victim of faulty capacitor on motherboard and once in a cheap Chinese power-supply.

Get another motherboard.

But I am not facing the problem at this instant of time...I have opened CPU and it seems that all is ok with the capacitors....No bulging and no leakage!!!!

I have read on forums that dell gx 270 motherboard has bad capacitor problem..But not all..Many people are laso satisfied with them too..So I am not sure what would happen in future???

However I am scared little bit about future prospects!!!

^ It won't happen in a day, a week, or a month. It will happen with usage. More you use more quickly it will happen. Maybe within a year or two.

hmm...Motherboard will cost me more bucks...Should I go for capacitor replacement!!!

^ Capacitor replacement is not guaranteed and very difficult with even expert human hands.

Take your time, first try to sell this mobo. Then get new one.

you should have to change the capacitor but keep in mind the value of capacitor will remain same in farad ....

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^ Capacitor replacement is not guaranteed and very difficult with even expert human hands.

Take your time, first try to sell this mobo. Then get new one.