Mortal Kombat Tournament

As you all knows mostly time I always discuss about Mortal Kombat Gaming but there is a 1 reason actually I want to do Mortal Kombat Tournament and I find some mk gamer but now want to just confirm if I start any Mortal Kombat Deception or Armageddon tournament then could I get more then 15 people and if I get player then I will start the tournament but only from Khi player right now.

Most Important thing mostly people also pm me here for more information.

Some Important Note

How is your Mk game beginner, normal or Expert

Person must have Ps2

Game will be MKDeception or MKArmageddon (depend what people want to play)

Why not other city because it will be very expensive for Lahore people to come and if they lost the tournament then?

Winning Prize is?

Why Khi only?

I hope this site admin allowed me to this post.

I also Post same this thread in others forums

I'm in. I'll play MK Armageddon. But we can't have an online tournament or something. Also, you should join PAKGAMERS.COM and announce it there.

i member there but i don;t go there by the way you live in karachi then plz reply i will Pm you here some for information