Monitoring Wireless Router Access

Need a little help here.

I've got Linksys wireless router set up and every member of my house uses it on their own system..

Is there any way I can monitor when they access the internet and grant them access or limit it using my system?

Even I connect using wifi to the router..

i guess thru mak address you can limit their usage !

but i m not sure about tht


in Linksys routers it comes under Access Restrictions. (in factory default firmware).

feasibility and options in restricting machines/PCs connected to the router is dependable on the router's functionality and its firmware.

normally in Linksys routers their are less options for administrators to restrict the connected machines for any kind of data transfer.

login to your router web interface. get in the Access Restrictions.

you will find a limited free set of policies to be defined as per your rules. but that's all you can not define more than that in your current factory firmware.

it's up to you how do you use one policy to handle more machines. normally following functions you can perform to restrict one machine or more than one machine in a single policy.

-You can tell in the policy which machine(s) are you willing to define following rules for.(via Mac address or a set of IPs or a range of IPs of limited number of machines )

-completely allow/deny access to the internet for one or more machines.

-define on which days the access to be restricted.

-define the time or time range when to allow or deny the internet access.

-block a set of limited specific services like HTTP, FTP, TELNET, POP3, SMTP, etc.. when allowing some machine(s) for the internet access.

-block a limited set of websites by URL when allowing some machine(s) for the internet access.

-block the websites or content by a limited set of keywords when allowing some machine(s) for the internet access. keywords might be like specific to heavy bandwidth, adult or violent content. for example. "youtube" "nudity", "sex" etc.. the keywords are matched with the words in the URL not in the resulted webpage content.

you can observe that I made the term limited bold where used. that's why the default factory firmware for Linksys routers provide only limited functionalities for its users AFAIK.

you can try third party firmwares any way to have more and possibly unlimited options for access rules.

about Monitoring, you can enable/disable log in the Log under Administration

you should change the topic title from "Monitoring Wireless Router Access" to like "Monitoring/Restricting the internet access via Routers"

your title seemed to me first as you were looking for restricting the access of Router's web interface from specific machines

Thanks.. So can it apply to a particular system? or to everyones..

I own a Linksys WAG200G and the firmware is 1.01.09

^Yes. I have already said that you can apply the rules to one or more systems

following guide might help you to proceed

Page 17 - Access Restrictions > Internet Access

Tried, but it didn't work.. The other system were still able to access the internet even though they were restricted the access..

Any suggestions?

^sorry no more suggestion from me. you might have applied rules in wrong way.

try again .

there is button in first options labeled some thing like "Edit list of PCs"

click that and provide the IPs or Mac addresses of the target PC.

give some time to read the above guide for that purpose.

and also there is help on every page of your Router's web interface. it worths using that.

Did exactly as it was written.. Yeah , I added both, the IP address and the mac address , still didn't work...

But thanks for the input.. Will try it again..

Isn't there any software that could do it?

login into router after that click on wireless and then wireless mac filter

click on on the enable mac filter

and Permit only PCs listed to access the wireless network

and then add the Mac address .

Limit the the bandwidth it is in the Application & Gaming click on it and then click on the QoS(quality os Sevice) u can Limite the bandwith.

And U wanna monitor whos online and whoz not Just DowLoad ... Network Magic from Linksys website damn cool software.

Okay , thanks.. Will try this out ..