MOHAA Multiplayer Connection Problem!

Guyzz whenever i connect to any online server in MOHAA says Connecting to server....and after a while it gives me error..."Connection to Server Timed out" ...i tried several servers including LinkDotNEt's and some other international servers...but its coming on all of them..??? what should i do now :(?

check ur windows firewall settings

Firewall is turned off in Router!!! cannot turn it off in windows due to security priveleges as laptop is on domain!! :(

Your mohaa version is probably 1.00 whereas all local and International servers run on 1.11 . Download the patch from

You can check this by opening up the console during the connecting process (by pressing the key to the left of 1 key...and u have to enable console first from options). It will show an error that the server is running a newer patch.

Hmmm...i will check it out ASAP ....thankx :)