Moderators Required

I am Looking for Moderators Who want to become Moderators register and pm(private msg) me or in Announcment section post your name and chose your section for become Moderator..

website home page

website forum

if you like reply....


First of all, get a real .COM

Secondly, you need moderators for 9 forum members? How difficult it is to control just 9 members?

Thirdly, forums has 67 threads and 68 posts. Meaning, all threads have only one post (original starting post) and only one thread has an extra post (reply). Wow! How difficult it is to control 1 reply.

I am not trying to be rude here, but an honest review, first generate some traffic in forums (that becomes uncontrollable for you) then look for moderators.

P.S. Correct title of your home page, it is "Hollywood", not "Holly wood".

i have changed...


that's a mistake now check it...

inshala i shall redirect this web to .com

Why do people make forums on topics like hollywood bollywood etc?

while we have lot of forums already available on internet


under construction

i will be happy to moderate your forum at $15 / Hour , should i pm you Moneybookers id ?

^ LOL, 15$ = 1 221pkr/hour.

@pklover, I'll give you a better offer, i'll moderate only for 5$ = 407pkr/hour. :D


my offer

5$/day lets go

advance payment....

Ok pm me in forum

I Found A Moderator Name Mansoor

i will pay him 2$ per hour

means 81*2=162 Pkr

Correct me if I'm wrong: you're paying people to moderate a forum that is hosted on a free subdomain and has 0 posts?

You sadden me.. :(

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

I Found A Moderator Name Mansoor

i will pay him 2$ per hour

means 81*2=162 Pkr


Wow! If this is true, you’re… unbeleivable!

yes it's true..

you can see in forum...

Oh bidding is on and i m away.

I will do this job for 1$/day :D , its true

for this 1$ i will also offer hosting for your forum, dont ask me for domain, my profit is not high.

ok so pm me....

in forum

First tell me your payment terms.

How you will pay, when you will pay ?

as you want..


easy load..



oooooh nice....

then i will be Moderator....

i shall Moderate your forum 2$ 3 days..

you send me by easy load..