Mobilink vs Telenor vs Ufone 3G - Which one is the best?


telenor is good 5am to 5pm bundles are nice and when ever i have to download large files i use std net worth 50PKR then rest of the day net is unlimited , i think there should be night bundles tooo

no other telecoms has flexibility in their bundles like telenor

This is my 3G consumption


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^ i don't see this 2GB @200PKR bundle on site


Take a better look...

Or see here:


With mobilink currently, when my package data expires prematurely I can re-subscribe rather than bear an "overage" charge. Is it the same with zong?


Zong is fastest but expensive, Ufone is expensive too, now have two choices, Telenor and Mobilink, 1st tried Mobilink for few weeks, it was very slow (50-70kbps) so switched to Telenor, it's going good (2-5mbps) so far.


i have been using Ufone since last 3 years, it has great network and good packages ..