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0.68p/30 sec to all networks on Jazz budget. All it lacks it a good sms package for calling other networks. Has PTA reduced network interconnect charges or something? I am porting out to Mobilink from Zong in a day or two unless they come up with a new package. Their coverage is really not that good.. Rates are good though..And the hourly internet package..

back in time when I was on Jazz before converting to Indigo

I really never looked out the deducted cost of the calls I made. but now I just look at invoice what I used and what are the taxes with it. they are just 10%+21% of the usage. and I am really satisfied what they charge.

ok now come to the topic. I am not talking about Jazz Budget or any other package by any of the service provider. but I really do not believe on Prepaid packages. as most of the users might not look for the deducted amount what they use may be like me.

just talking about the experience once that I ever had after checking the deducted cost of a 3 sec call on my cousin's phone he was using Jazz (dont know about the package plan, either it is budget or any thing else.) and being charged very random amount

ok take you throughly.

I was just looking at my mobilink invoice in my email while my cousin just looked so and just whispered that it's nice and useful using postpaid phone.

I said why. what happened.

he told. just look at your taxes they are simply defined 21% and 10% and just added easily in your usage cost. you can guess what you are being charged.

I said, then what. what so good in it, I never calculated these things. maximum I did is adding the taxed amount in the actual cost and done. I told so.

then he spoke like an angry boy, saying that, he's got some thing like 1 rupya package on Jazz. he told that it's a package in which per minute cost is exactly Re.1 + taxes. and as pre-defined taxes should be deducted, I think there is 15% on card charge and 21% on usage. right? he told so and also he mentioned that he noticed that 15% on card charge is OK but on call charge it's more than 21% he was saying that it was 49% as he calculated after a less than 1 min call.

I just declined that it couldn't be possible. if it's 21% then how can you be charged more than it.

then I just wanted to make a try calling from his phone.

I just wrote down the current balance in his phone and called on my number so the call goes from mobilink to mobilink. I just keep the call on for 3 secs and disconnected it.

and when then I calculated the amount charged for 3 secs from mobilink to mobilink. It was Rs. 1.74,

while it should be 1.21. as Re.1 + 21% tax.

so that's it. while he was angry with the tax of 49% when he noticed. and when I tested it it was 74%. isn't that amazing?

so hurry let see how react by setting by setting 50paisa per 30 second and then decide. you will not die in 2 or 3 months

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so hurry let see how react by setting by setting 50paisa per 30 second and then decide. you will not die in 2 or 3 months

One can always port back…

but only after 60 days

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but only after 60 days

Don’t have a good feeling about paying more for less coverage and relatively bad signals…

@bellskar...You are absolutely right about Jazz 1 rupee package..i am using mobilink from last 4years..i converted to Jazz1 rupee package because i thought its a best package if they are giving 1 rupee for a whole minute..but that wasnt the case..i tried calling mobilink numbers and was charged more then a rupee..called their helpline and came to know that they are charging 1rupee and 40 paisas for the first minute....SO IT SHOULDNT BE CALLED AS JAZZ 1 RUPEE PACKAGE gets on my nerves..why the hell do they still have hidden charges?

About their new 68 paisa package...i am sure their will be some hidden charges attached to it..Secondly i really got offended by their ad which says NO COMPROMISE...JAzz was a biggest compromise ever...high charges, no benefits,shitty network and on top of that hidden charges..

Thier 68 paisa TV ad makes me can they call a happy moment of wedding a can a market leader show two guys fighting over a girl...talking abt wedding scenes i like talkshawk's ANNIE ad...its simple and beautiful.. Jazz should work on their ads and keep in mind that we were compromising with Jazz from the day it was launched..


good analysis, Jazz was the biggest compromise all these years. But still we use it as it is old.

Atleast they shifted away from cheap dance sequences and tried to bring some real offer, although not sure what is the catch this time. There must be one looking at their history

Buddies dont stick to jazz only. I have been using all kinda providers. All have traits. So stick to connection which offers you what you want.

True we shouldnt stick to Jazz..I have bought Telenor recently and is using Ufone as well.. Both are good.. Ufone's SMS packages and GPRS packages are awesome..Telenor's 75 paisa to all network is coool..Ufone's UWON package is far better than Jazz1 package..they charge what they show in their ads..and their Ads are too good.. hilarious :)

Zong comes with 65 paisa to any network in pakistan

heard that zongs network is really messed up, so whats the use of 65 paisa. paying 3 paisa less for a crappy network doesnt seem a good option