Mobilink postpaid question!

Does the zero line rent package with unlimited internet still exists?is it limited like others to 2gb?what will be the first time charges for this?

no unlimited GPRS pkg is with zero line rent

i has 0 line rent indigo package, it is still 0 line rent, as per old contract or policy.

but new customers can not use 0 line rent package any more.

secondly i called helpline, he confirmed me that i still can avail 500 per month unlimited internet.

Is it limited to 2gb?whats the minimal line rent for unlimited indigo plz reply

it has no cao limit currently, but as all other telecom operators has put cap limit. so might be indigo also place it in near future. (might be)

i am using it with 0 zero lint rent. but as 0 line rent is no more offered to new customers, so now minimal line rent is 100 rupees.

i m also using 500 rs PLUS tax unlimited gprs / edge with freedom 4 pkg

What are sum gud prepaid packages like uredge and warid sms fun?

Whats cap on ufone?i heard its 8gb :) too gud to b true :D