Mobilink Downsizing

Mobilink forcly terminated thier one thousand employees in all over pakistan from administration and security department without any notice.if mobilink face financial crises its not a good way.give thier employees notice before six months so they arrange for a new job where they find new job in one of my friend doing job in mobilink security department from last three years but now he terminated in one day without any thier joining time interview taken by a mobilink employee birg shoukat kamal (head of security dep)and terminate them by a third party zims security friend telling me Mr rashid khan ceo says to our hod for doing this action.

the employees were permanent or contractual?

contractual but thier contract start from janurary to december they terminated in mid of february

Usually, in private enterprises, a notice is served 1 week to a month before actual termination. This was inevitable considering the economic crisis.

I don't think it has anything to do with economic crisis. They might have done it becuase of decrease in revenue in face of increasing competition and lower call rates.

^ That is Mobilink's economic crisis. :)

^ Yeah but that is still unfair, and afterall mobilink is not giving the lowest call rates.

It's pretty fair. Time-to-time, corporates all over the world hire and layoff people according to needs and to protect revenue. That's why, according to me, Mobilink is fair to layoff employees.

We Pakistanis are so much into government-style-jobs (babu culture and pakki naukri), once in a government job (public sector) or in a corporate job then stick there like leeches. Move on!

Moreover, oh my heart is double in size with happiness to see such over-value and looter corporate going down. :)

It was predictable from annual figures and they were trying their "best" from last 3+ years (with 4+ very expensive advertisement campaign). Their marketing team was (still is) performing very bad. From last year, they are sending so much SMS messages to customers like "add Rs. 50 credit and get Rs. 25 in next 2 weeks". How many times a customer will fall for that? :)

Moreover, I have seen with my own eyes that they have hired young graduates on safarish on 40+k paying jobs. First their were few dozens then it spread like rabbits. I did happened to observe them for couple of days, their job was to print hundreds of pages from Excel sheet, show to immediate boss, then correct on paper using pen then reenter those values in Excel and reprint. I didn't interfere, I just watch the show and it was amusing to see waste of technology and waste of human resource.

After all, who is going to pay for these high-pay no-work-jobs employees? Customer is going to pay for them. But with competition from other telecommunication companies Mobilink was loosing market share since Telenor and Warid came in game.

Next could be UFone because they are also trying hard to attract customers while their balance sheets are showing different ;)

Telenor is lagging behind UFone ;)

Just wait and watch them crumble and lower their rates in new frenzy of competition. But beware that crises like these also make opportunities for cartels. :( Which is bad for customers.

These things are supposed to happen dude, we should get ready for that. AFAIK to get a job in Mobilink one needs a PAWWA, the thousand employee must be there on PAWWA, at least 90% of them would be. So why they are complaining about?

Huawei and Ufone plan to downsize too. Expect more layoffs.


as Asad said. most infact almost all in private sectors gives a notice not more than 1 month before.

and on the other hand the downsizing have kept the place all over the world. this crisis is not only in Pakistan.

but that is also true if the Company doesn't need a person even if he/she is working for a couple of years, can kick him/her out because of their interest.

recently also WorldCall is downsizing. because the new Owners think that the Company is having more employees than needed.

I have a friend their in one of their department. you will be surprised that they kicked the whole department out and kept only 2 or 3 persons from them. because they think for the job what is being done by the 20 persons, doesn't need all 20 of them.

[ keeping in mind that before new Owners, many employees were thinking their jobs were blessing that were just like Government Jobs. :) ]

also agreeing the statement by Wampyr [We Pakistanis are so much into government-style-jobs]

I some times agree with that.

this is we the employees should be cared of. that what specifically are we doing in a specific department of a specific company.

because many of the people are there who think that they have a very good job, working in good company, etc. etc..

but they also have to think with more concentration, that, are they doing enough for the company what company is paying them for.

because only this thing can be a cause for him/her to be kicked off. if and only if the Company has no other reasons (other factors like lack of revenue generating, or because of bad immediate managers. etc. etc.)

but looking at Mobilink or any other Operator. it doesn't seem that they have any lack of revenue.

it hasnt happened to mobilink onle..It is happening to every company in pakistan..

So the engineers are in real trouble now-a-days..

its happening all over the world. i dont know why we all suddenly start saying "oh mobilink this that and pakistan this that"


That's right, we Pakistanis are so much into government-style-job (even in private sector). Employees need to understand and adapt corporate culture. Some company hire and some company layoff according to their needs.


It will eventually happen to all companies, who has more human resource than needed. Every corporate (worse in public sector) of Pakistan has hundreds (if not thousands) of safarshi people. Who practically do nothing. The "work" they do in office do not even benefit company to even earn their salaries.


It's a delicate balance. Human resource is one of the most expensive commodities in a business.

In business, if someone get pay of 20k then he/she must do work for at least 60k, otherwise company won't make profit.

There is always some cushion between profit and human resource. As soon as, some Pakistani corporate gets some success (or just get some fame), powerful (influential) people start pushing safarshi in it. Soon, the human resource is so over populated that they start to suck every revenue that corporate generate. If somehow they continue it, then its by raising product rates or by illegal tax reduction. They survive for few years but eventually it burst and they have to take nasty step of mass laying off human resource.

By the way, what happened with Mobilink (or what could happen with UFone) is not due to global economic crisis. Pakistani government and corporates are making lame excuses by hiding their behind with global economic crisis.

By the way, do you know that India has most weird law that no corporate can mass layoff it's employees. It protect employees for few months or a year but ruin the corporate. This law has turn Indian airline economic crisis into a worse bubble-burst of airline corporates. Once again, it is not due to global economic crisis.

thats the reason i prefer self owned business over job ,,,,, ;)

If our government or PTA takes serious action against these companies they are not do this more.

Whats PTA got to do with downsizing :P

@ Xain: Bussiness is down too!! take a look around. Buying power of an average Pakistani has decreased