Mobile Unlocking


i wanna start a mobile unlocking shop.I wanna Know where do they get these unlocking softwares.If any one knows Unlocking mobiles or a useful website Plz share.Using them is not a problem.Plz share some tips.Thanku in Advance


Well first get some knowledge. You just cant just start a shop and unlock others cell phone. In this way your surely gonna brick them. Lolx.

Anyways first learn how to mod and unlock cell phones. I know SE and Motorola unlocking and modding. Have done it so many times on diffrent cells.:) and bricked only once my cousins cell.hehe.

Anyways coming to your questions. About unlocking softwares you can get them anywhere. Like go and search in 4shared engines. But for that you should have basic knowlidge on unlocking. Offcourse you dont know what softwares you need so what you will search in search engines. Lols, Anyways here are some websites. I learned all my hacking, cracking, flasjing, unlocking everything from these websites. A very popular SE websites with lots of stuff. Motorola flashing and unlocking.

Spend some time on these forums. Just dont register and start posting stupid questions. First read the wiki and get started guides and newbie guides. Then i think you will learn in 2 months. Jab tak i have a suggestion. Start a shop with only easyload and ringtone themes etc, and when you think you are ready start unlocking and modding. Currently no one is modding the phones in local shops so start it as soon as possible and get popular. Cheers:) and ya dont ask me any question. I have explained everything. :);)


G.a.m.e جی،

آپ کو پہلے 2،3 سال شاگردی کرنی پڑےگی،

اس سے پہلے کہ آپ "نیم حکیم خطرہ جان" قسم کا کویی نام کمایٰیں۔

گوگل تلاش بہت موثرطریقہ ھے لیکن اسکے لیے آپکو کیی راتیں قربان کرنی پڑینگی۔

میں بذات خود سون ایریکسن کا بہت بڑا شیدایٰی ھوں، سو تھوڑی بہت فلیشنگ میں بھی کر لیتا ھوں (میں نے اپنی زندگی کی بہت راتیں سون ایریکسن پر قربان کی ھیں، ایک آدہ فون میرے ھاتھوں اس دنیا فانی سے کوچ بھی کر چکا ھے، لیکن وھی بات کہ داغ نھیں تو سیکھنا نھیں۔ بہرحال یہ قول دوستوں ک موبایل فونوں پر تجربے کرنے کے لیے تو ٹھیک ھے، لیکن اگر کسی گاہگ کا موباٰیل آپ کے ھاتھوں مرا تومسٰلہ کھڑا ھو جاییگا آپکے لیے۔

باقی فیصلہ آپ خود کریےگا۔

آپ کا مخلص و خادم



^^hahahhahhaa thanks for help.Btw i am not that noobbbb


go to

this is the site where i learn about unlocking and flashing of different nokia models. it is one of the largest site it is one of the first on which BB5 i.e Nokia 6630, 6680/81, N70 unlocking was provided. u will also find sales section in which u can know about different hardware required for fone flashing and unlocking and their resellers.

BTW i dont have any shop.


So you want to be a specialized Mobile Engineer!

Few months back, my friend's younger brother came to me with a pamphlet in his hand on which it was written in bold Urdu text "become a mobile engineer". Some of the features of that institute were repairing mobiles, opening cases, formatting, flashing, upgrading, unlocking etc. etc. Short course was of 3 months, medium of 6 months, and diploma was of a year.

I encouraged my friend's younger brother to join the institute and learn something. When I met him on last Eid, he told me that after two weeks course they put him to do "practical" which in a nutshell was working for them for free (genius institute people :D ). Anyway, he decoded it himself after about one and a half month and left the institute to open shop in Saddar Rawalpindi.

Damn! I never know these kind of ways to become engineer :D

Good luck G.a.m.e :) Whatever you plan to do put your heart and mind in it and get yourself to master-level to achieve success. However, it need patience, time and practice.


I'd been working on Mobile repairing and Mobile unlocking+flashing for one and half year. Almost all types of mobiles i went through at that time. It was two years back. Still sometimes i touch these things on need. I would suggest you to join some forum

Forums i use mostly

plus you need something real practical. Don't go to any institute. These are mostly cheating ( NOt all ). So try to join some good shop where you can get good experience and you'll see all the things practically. Thats my sincere suggestion for you if you want to learn and want to open a shop.