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We have some browsers but opera mini is mast all of them.. A new browser names.. Mozila vs opera is coming late 2008.. Ya its thats name.. M waiting but its intresting that there is starting a fight between big companies

I m viewing this site and doing all this work by my mobile browser opera mini. Yeah now kick out pc or labtop.. Yeah


Are you insane? Why should we kick our pc or "labtop" ?

You should never kick your desktop or laptop, as u may end up damaging your brain.

Well i mostly use opera mini to browse forums when am in school or out.. it compress the text and images so its cheap and fast, i like it hmm.



new browser for

symbyian series

opera rulez nuff said

Not mine but ur brains r damaged... ur not open minded not m bt u r insan....... tk cre ...bye

Mini Opera rules. I am using it on my Sony Ericsson w810i with unlimited ZONG EDGE connection and its simply awesome :cool:.

opera and opera mini rox......

^ Opera Mobile is good but shareware. Opera Mini is freeware and awesome.

Difference between the two?

opera mini is really great.

Give ucweb a try its even much better.

^ Alif

Opera Mobile is shareware and has multi-tabs and has limited support for flash but lacks bit of bells and whistles of Opera Mini.

Opera Mini is totally free. Data is compressed and then sent to you. Single tab and don't support flash. But rocks when you want to read RSS, get latest news or read email.

I use both of them, along with Yahoo! Go, that has push emails because all my clients contact me through emails (they have black berries).

Hmm! Actually, I will have to see, I'm about to download opera mini and then I will have to make sure that it supports these nokia screen readers like Nuance Talks and MobileSpeak on n73. Thanks for the info though.

Opera Mini

Works great with every mobile

Try this Opera Mini 1.27 unofficial version which is better than official Opera Mini 4.2 version. Download it from this page:

Summary of main features:

(01) This is the WEB Browser (with OFFLINE support) + File Manager + Download Manager + Text Reader/ Editor + Image Viewer software.

(02) Very fast web browsing. It can save web pages (complete/only images/only text) on memory card to read offline.

(03) You can change color schemes (skins) offline, without any internet connection. This is not possible with latest official 4.2 beta version.

(04) You can view JPG images in FULL SCREEN from memory card / phone's Images folder.

(05) You can read and edit large text (.txt) files from memory card/ other files folder.

(06) It has an excellent File Manager with a lot of capabilities for files/ folders like "Move/ Copy/ Delete/ New Folder / Rename etc" .

(07) It has its own Download Manager just like FlashGet or any other that you have on your PC. Support of RESUME download. You can see the DATA TRANSFER RATE as well as the number of bytes transferred during downloading process. You can download each and every kind of file like EXE, PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, JPG, RAR, JAR, JAD, ZIP, GIF, MP3, MP4, AVI, DAT, MMF, MID, Real AUDIO/ VIDEO, WMV, WMA etc into memory card folders directly.

(08) Multiple tabs / windows support. You can open as many web pages/ txt files / images you like either from internet or memory card and switch between them using left/right navigation keys easily.

(09) Select any web link on displayed page and open it in new tab.

(10) Delete any entry from visited page history separately or clear complete history at once.

(11) Copy displayed page link and paste it into existing txt file in new tab.

(12) Digital clock with "Seconds" support.

(13) Settings to display windows panel, common cache, cache size, bottom border, image correction, re-initializing of screen etc

This 1.27 unofficial version is far better than UCWEB, TeaShark, OperaMini official 3.1 versions and also better than 4.2 official version.

Just try it yourself!

Checking out the file. Thanks for sharing.

FYI, JSR 75 phones are the relatively newer phones. For example, the SE K790i/800/810 support JSR 75, while the K750i or W800/810 don't.

Better check the specs of your phone before installing this, so that you don't end up disappointed.

Usman bro., its realy vry good nd ur info vry gud

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

FYI, JSR 75 phones are the relatively newer phones. For example, the SE K790i/800/810 support JSR 75, while the K750i or W800/810 don’t.

Thanks… but both K750i / W810i have this JSR 75 API, So 1.27 version is compatible with these mobiles also.

They do? I thought they didn't!