Mobile A/C


does anyone knows about mobile air conditionar? i am a student living in hostel and cant fix window or split AC so anyone knows about mobile ac, their price and avalibility?

Available at Metro Cash & Carry.

Price is Rs. 30,000 (1 ton)

Check catalog.

Direct view pdf.,%20fsd,%20Isd).pdf

any one bought this thing ? if yes let us know the performance of the same ??

no one ?

their are Mobile aCs available in Peshawar under 10k that work very well

i m based in karachi , want to know about the efficiency of the mobile A/c

some one told me tht it is for sell in Metro karachi , will go to see tht efficiency

as this is convinient and low on pocket (electic bill wise)

would u please let me know any brand name tht you are referring tht the efficiency is good and price wise it is also cheaper !

you can get 9000 btu mobile type ac from kimari for 5000 rps but its 110 v if you need 220v then it would cost 9000 it works fine

what its electric consumption any idea ?

so i could arange the stabilizer for it which cud provide me 110 volts output also so i could attach the a/c from tht 110 socket.

thanks for the reply

one more question : are u using the same or have u seen its eficiency ?

same problem with me.. can anyone tell me more abt the small AC available in kemari??

where at Keemari?

these mobile a/c's are also available in shairsha market the efficiency is good i m using it

it cost about 6000 rs

these a/c's are typically used in desert for tents

got 0.5 ton compressor which starts after 2 min and a have a ventilation system so u have to put the back side of the a/c in open air the drainage system is also attached which store 2 liter of water it store water in a cabite like thing u can remove it and clean the box.

so overall thing is that it gives the performance of 0.5 ton a/c

so is it available in more thn 0.5 ton capacity like one ton atleast ?

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where at Keemari?

I think they are talking about Jackson market.

ya nadeem they are available upto 2 ton

nadeem i m going to import these a/c inshAllah in around 10 days from now if u want it tell me i will import that tell ur demand it will start form 8300rs onwards okk

one more thing these are japan made and are only available in karachi these are .75 ton a/c

this is my email adress

if u want more then one then the price is negotiable for u

but 0.75 tons are very less ! atleast they should b of 1 ton or 1.25 ton. where i can see those ? r u gone import brand new or used ones ?

no man only .75 ton they are only suitable for 10x12 room

they are used

and consumption of electricity ?

cooling efficiency ?

consuption as i have told u before of .75ton a/c and cooling efficency is great for 10x12 room