Mirror's Edge problem

I have installed mirror's edge and it's full in size. I mean that it's system requirements shows that space of 8gb is needed and the install folder size is 7.something

But the problem is that there is no music in the game, i cannot adjust volume.....i can adjust but no changes takes place the vloume remains the same and the most biggest problem is that I can't go further than level 1, game comes back to main menu and when I press contiune game i have to do level 1 all again


You are using a pirated cd, am i right?

First of all, in pirated cd's/dvd's its not necessary that the game is 100% complete.

Secondly, there are many known bugs in previous versions of cracks of mirror's edge, download the latest available crack from here: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4655026/Mirrors_Edge_v1.01_Crack

Yea I am using a pirated cd

So, what do i do now

install the game again and apply the crack you have told?

Have you already uninstalled the game?

If so, then yes, install the game again & use my crack.

didn't worked i applied the patch and the crack you told but same problem

Seems like there is a prob with the CD

Hmm... Well if you are REALLY interested in playing this game then you can download it here: http://torrents.thepiratebay.org/4690059/Mirror____s_Edge_1.01_[Reloaded]_Complete_Repack.4690059.TPB.torrent (Trusted download)

Not that intrested