i am using mig33 on mobile. when i use anyother appication on mobile then its automatically log off... any guru can tell me on nokia N95 HOW IT CAN RUN IN BACKGROUND APPLICATION ?

well instead of clickin red button to access another application you should press menu button, it will make your current applications minimized and still working. Cheers;)

or you can stop using that awful application and use fringe instead.

Mig33 use to be a very good application. Very freindly, But after a upgrade to 4th version I guess they added some features which were so buggy... Those bugs still available that is why I decided to switch to something good !!

I would recommend fring - www.fring.com for mobile phones (with skype/msn/yahoo/aim/icq/orkut/facebook etc integrated in it).

Ali use the Menu button to minimize mig33, and run in the background.

been using mig gor sometime now, and their latest version is very nice, a bit heavy on resources maybe but i havent found any bug yet.

install Appman. i gives you the facility to make applications not closed even if you press red button.