Microsoft Award?


I got this mail..It is fake and did u people get this???

Here it is what it says:


We wish to congratulate you for emerging the third (3rd) prize winner inthe 2008 Microsoft Products Anniversary Award. Your email has won GBP£450,000.00 (Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand GreatBritish Pounds) for more detail on how to claim your prize contact Theclaims processing Manager for validation immediately upon receipt of thismessage for more information concerning the verification, processing andeventual payment of the above prize to you. claims processing Manager,DR.JOHN MCCALL.Email: successalert@msn.comPhone:+44 704 576 2729+44 703 184 9413


this has been received from


If you Google it, you'll find this is a scam with a bunch of other similar spam emails being sent out to people. There is no such thing as free money...


but for the first time,I got the scam mail with so much info about the sender(if it's true):|


3-4 years ago, I got such an e-mail in my yahoo account


Fraud mail

My friend is running 2 mail accounts he received this on both of his accounts with the same ticket number and the body of mails were same also mail was from indonesia.


the amount is non deductable. am i rite. dont reply this mail......


use gmail such mails automatically go in the spam box