Micronet/Nayatel DSL/FTTH news + queries + problems + solutions


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Nayatel is coming up with something, lately!

>(Surprises Surprises)<




^^^oh nice thanx for the early warning :P


Very fond of these leaks..


Meh... still those capped volume packages.


Capped during the daytime.

That said, I'm wondering if I should downgrade from the proposed 5/7 Mbps to 5/5 Mbps... I can save 300 rupees and use that to fund my 4g package instead :P


Anyone using Live TV service? i have some exciting news :D


hmmmm no one i guess <_< but anyway the news is Nayatel is in process of increasing the number of channels from 30 to 50 of Live TV service.

They are testing some new channels which are not yet available on Live TV site or Joy apps but i've made a playlist to watch all the channels on VLC.

Current channels list including test channels:

1.Saudi Al-Quran

2.Peace TV Urdu

3.Geo News


5.Dunya News

6.ARY News

7.Express News (testing)

8.CNN (testing)

9.BBC World News (testing)

10.Euro News

11.Aljazeera English

12.PTV Sports

13.Geo Super

14.Ten Golf HD

15.Star Sports 1

16.Star Sports 4

17.Ten Sports (testing)

18.Sony ESPN (testing)

19.Ten HD (testing)

20.Hum Masala (testing)

21.NMX Kids

22.Baby TV

23.Cartoon Network

24.BBC Lifestyle

25.Nat Geo

26.Nat Geo People

27.ARY Musik

28.ARY Digital

29.Urdu 1

30.Hum TV

31.Geo TV

32.Zindagi (testing)

33.Star Plus (testing)

34.Colors (testing)

35.MBC Bollywood (testing)

36.NMX Entertainment

37.AMC (testing)

38.Warner TV

39.Star Movies

38.Star World HD

39.Movies Now


41.AXN (testing)

So if anyone decides to subscribe for Live TV, they can use this playlist to watch channels on VLC.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ljsnfas8ya0q0ph/Nayatel Playlist.m3u?dl=0



It feels good to be part of this community finally:




Did Nayatel just go down???

their website is not loading as well



Yes Nayatel did go down though I am curious as to what went wrong ... know that PPPoE was showing disconnection for a while before service was restored! The support staff just gave a "Check Now" response rather than explain the situation ... maybe all your credit/debit card info was stolen ... who knows!!!

Being a recent customer, I have only now begun to look at their network ... though GPON has its own drawbacks ... but the way they have configured their network with locked-down routers is not for power users ... charging for standard features like (Custom) DNS Servers, USB access, 'real' IP address, etc...

I also don't like their support staff/admins snooping around the router!

Also, they don't educate their staff to inform customers about securing the router at time of installation by changing the default password(s). I had already informed them of this on 25th March, 2016 but it's still not fixed! Looking at the logs of some users with default password(s), you can see login attempts from all sorts of different IPs creating useless traffic on the network! Though this is valid inside the (private) IP pool of nayatel and the IP is logged in the User Log but it exposes critical/personal data.

In order to change the password:

- Login to the router via it's IP ... most likely ... with the default user "root" and password "admin" without quotes! You'll be prompted to change the password ... do so!

- Open command prompt and telnet into the router (if you don't have telnet client installed in windows, you'll either need to add it via Add/Remove Windows Features or use another client such as PuTTY) via:


You'll be prompted for username and password ... defaults being "root" and "admin" without quotes (note that even after changing password in GUI, the CLI password doesn't change)

then use the command:

set userpasswd root

and change it by following the prompts!

Use quit command to exit!

Note: There are many commands (mostly harmless) available at the CLI of router! If you mess with them, you alone shall be responsible for your actions!




So Micronet servers were compromised and potentially Nayatel servers could be compromised by NSA. Even our own agencies are monitoring internet traffic through countrywide internet gateways so most people won’t care much.