Micronet Broadband rates tax-inclusive?

I'm thinking about getting the 1 Mb package. It says on the website that it costs Rs 1,199 per month. Is this price tax-inclusive? If someone is using it, can you confirm whether you also pay tax on this. If yes, what is the total price?


Yup, it's tax-inclusive.

Internet usage, fortunately, is one of the few tax-exempt services we have in the country - even if it's internet over cellular.

Good. And by the way, I'm quitting PTCL, because of the frequent disconnections. The customer support people seem least bothered about it and just won't fix it. So because Micronet will be using the same line as PTCL, will I still experience disconnections? Can Micronet fix my line whatever the problem is, because PTCL just don't want to. Also, I get high ping 350-400 ms on pingtest.net. Is that going to be fixed by moving to Micronet?

I have used micronet dsl before Nayatel. Their team will visit your premises and check line conditioning. If line quality is ok only than they will provide their services. They also try to improve the line conditioning. They have very good customer services. This is my experience.

Right. Thanks.

I was told that data services are exempt of taxes. So there is no tax on GPRS, Wimax. But DSL operators continue to charge taxes on data usage and thats a fraud.