Micronet and p2p

iam considering micronet connection...all i need to ask if P2P software works perfectly on it ?..and its not throtling the speed like wateen?

any advice would be appreciated.

Yes, it works fine.

On Nayatel P2P works fine and I also remember micronet DSL was also ok with P2P software.

I am using Micronet and p2p works just fine on it.

You might want to turn on encryption for P2P on bittorrent - cause it did start slowing down before turning on encryption.

Otherwise, it works mostly fine. (but I'm one of those one-of-a-million odd cases where the speed drops in the evenings - it's some unknown fault that Micronet blames on PTCL, though I know it's not a PTCL fault... it works well at other times though... and others in my area don't face the same issue)

I'll say go for it.

Please guide how to turn on encryption? I am using vuze.

Erm... not sure about Vuze, but in Bittorrent, if you go to the options, you can find it there - either in the "Connections" tab or the "Bandwidth" tab. I don't recall the name exactly, but search near there.

Vuze is banned at many torrent trackers and may get your account locked. Use ĀµTorrent instead.

what is the speed in kbs on 1mb connection in p2p?

with good seeds I get around 100-110 kBps...