Mercury Radiant Inverter/UPS

Asalam o Alaikum

I just bought a Mercury Radiant 2000 [see Details Here] Model from a local shop in Blue Area Islamabad. I also bought two Volta 130amp Batteries [see Details Here] as this inverter operates on 24volt.

Although it has been mentioned on the inverter that it is of modified sine wave type, what i want to ask from you tech guys is .. wether it is safe to operate my PC on it or not?

Also, What i bought is Okay or some guideline to help a non electro guy like me when one go for purchsing a UPS / inverter.

Your help is appreciated in this regard.

Anticipatory Thanks !

Your inverter is fine. The specs are identical to the homage inverter that I am using.

You can run your computer on it but keep in mind that when electricity goes and inverter takes over your pc will reboot as the transfer time of your inverter is between 15 ms to 40 ms. If you want to prevent pc from rebooting you need to by a UPS inverter whose transfer time is less then 5 ms.

Your batteries are also fine but it would have been better if you had bought the volta deep cycle batteries. They have designation of IT-750 etc. Deep cycle batteries are recommended for UPS. Since you have bought them so just make sure you do not let them discharge below 80% percent full charge, recommended is 90% actually, as deep discharges/recharges will damage the plates on your batteries.

Hmm .. bundle of thanks RAZA for your sincere advices / suggestions ...