Men's Shavers


i want to ask about men's shavers,

as i searched the market, i can only find Chinese made shavers, those casts about 500 to 2000

and i think those are not good in quality,

i cant find good company's made shavers anywhere, tellme from where i can find one good company shaver, in Islamabad.

and also tell me about estimate price,,,

i want companies like Philips, national etc.

Braun or Phillips would be your best bet.

This should help you out.

If you live in karachi go to mottas in clifton. You will find very good shavers at very low price. I got my philips shaver for Rs 26 hundred.

Supermarkets big and small have them. Naheed, Pak Medico, Time Medico, Shazz, Mottas, Aghas ... loads of shops mate.

Most have Philips shavers in stock.

How are these shavers waise ? Compared to the good ol' Gillete Gel and Mach 3.

thanks for help

where in islamabad i can get one?

I have braun cruzer3 .. but its trimming is kinds useless now, coz its cleaning system not so easily... I recon u to go for Hair dresser Shaver easy to clean . but u need power plug to start(no battery)..

well chinese r not bad as well...i bought one frm raja bazar worth 600rs....very gud shaver...

are these shavers good for skin? i heard they damage it in the long term

^dn knw but these shavers r better than razors...

I once watched a documentary on different shaving products on Discovery channel. They said that most people (almost 80%) preferred wet shaving to dry shaving. I prefer the first style as its more refreshing. I've never tried electrical shavers but a friend of mine who does, argued that they were smoother and less harsh on skin. But I told him to use Gillete Fusion. Trust me, there isn't a shave more smoother than Fusion's. It has five blades. And the equation is that, more the number of blades, smoother the shave.

blade cuts ur skin, but shavers dont, new shavers are very handy, rechargable, cheap as compared to blades and foams or gells, the only problem is if you rub too much shaver at one spot at a time you will feel warm there but i got used to it, and yes i got it from LINK DELETED, it dosent matter you in islamabad, karachi or gilgit they delivery same day or next day and pretty decent rates, i have check with makrets.

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well go to electronics market in rawalpindi or something dont buy shavers online u cant really guess if they are used or something...rotary shavers work better around the neck compared to the braun ones!

phillips makes the best rotaries with phillips warranty now available in pakistan contact ur nearest phillips centre...why am i selling phillips to u? my grandfather has been using phillips shavers since ages, my dad saw him use it when he was young and iv seen him use them ever since iv been very careful initially the shaver is gonna be a problematic affair the rotary ones atleast, if u dont use it everyday u will find it irritating for the skin! use it everyday nd it will be fine oily skin will make a mess out of the shaver and its performance too!

bought mine at 2600rs from khi the lowest end phillips with rechargeable battery! should suffice for u!

Does anyone know if this shaver is available in Pakistan or can be ordered from a website which will ship to Pakistan?

Panasonic ES518N Ultra Thin Dry Men's Travel Shaver, Gold


Price: English = 2600, China = 600

Quality: English = 10/10, China 8/10

Stylish: English = 9/10, China 10/10

China's Best!!!

LOL so thats why they say "Har maal CHINA"

Chinese ones are not durable

or reliable

while Philips and Panasonic ones are reliable

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are these shavers good for skin? i heard they damage it in the long term

yeah dey do damage in long term use, but only the low quality ones, cuz there heads get heated up, and so they turn ur skin dark in a long run

the good high quality ones, dont do any such thing…except the “Lift and Cut” feature in some shavers cause pimples to some people

Well im using Phillips Phillishave Lift and Cut, for like more than 2 years, no problems, bought it from Super Market F-6, from a shop adjacent to ARQ’s Collection