Memory enhancing/boosting pills/supplements

Recently I have come o the point that when ever I try to memorize something specially in exams I forget. The lectures of my university just don't get into my brain. After eating "badams" for few days I researched on internet about memory boosting pills which can switch On my brain once again as it was before. I really don know what happened to me. I was an average guy in school and now I'm getting poor grades. Not because I don't work hard or just ignore my study part but its like the things are now working well. I know its my brain. Something bad happened to my brain :(

So reason behind discussion this stupid story with you guys is that I need help :( yeah. I'm looking for brain pills that will help boosting my memory. Recently I have been really out of words when talking or writing.

I have heard about " Ginko Biloba." they are one of the best pills sold worldwide. I really wanna give them a try but don't know if they are available in local market, if yes then by which name and what brand? any other recommendations ?

I need hones serious replies as some times posters little thing come out harsh. So no offenders please.

yeah please if somebody knows about it please share it and EngeL if you get some info just PM me plzz

I remember reading that you can exercise your mind to better your memory. For example in the morning layout some cards on a table and memorize them and try to see if you can remember the layout at night. Exercises like these can help better your memory. That is why hafiz-e-quran find it easier to study other things too. They have developed good mental muscles :)

Anyway I googled for memory exercises and this is the first result. They've got some tips you can try out.

Also a few things about I learned about memory:

The easiest things to recall are the first and last thing you memorise. So make your study sessions short but frequent. For example: 1 hour sessions followed by 15 minute breaks.

Its easier to remember things that you have an interest in. So take an interest in your subjects or choose other subjects.

Read out aloud. If you've ever been to a madarsaah you will have noticed the students reading out aloud. The reason is that it makes it easier to remember something if it stimulates multiple senses. When you read out aloud your sense of hearing as well as your sense of sight is stimulated.

I know some natural ways:

- Eat 11 seeds black cumin(kalongi) early in the morning

- Almonds with their covers removed

- Leaves of tulsi plant with water

Red bull before studying really helps

^ Red Bull before studying makes you a sugar/caffeine junkie.

You have either burned out (means overworked to the extent that your brain doesn't work), or you just don't want to study.

Trust me, this happened to me and the other guys who picked more courses in a semester than we should have. This also occurs if you don't know the basics or the technical terms used by teachers. Students also tend to take two or three courses that are theoretical, which then causes burnout, cuz there is too much to digest.

My tip:

.Take one theoretical course, and the rest practical. Try to balance your practical and theoretical courses so that it becomes easier next semester.

.Look at your total course list if there is a course that you are weak in, or there is possibility that too technical for you, then take tuition or follow tutorials before the semester starts.

.Pick a dictionary or use wikipedia/google/youtube as much as you can. Know each and every technical term, so that you could understand the teacher/book.

.Go hang out twice/thrice a week. Go to the place where you find peace and harmony.

.No pill/supplement will do you any good, it will just give you the side effects.

.If you don't understand any technical term, then come to WP, and we will answer it for you. After all this is a tech forum.

I think I've read in a study that Brain peaks at 22 and stays that way for a few years. Another study said 39.

EngeL...Recently I have been really out of words when talking or writing.

hmm you dont have low blood sugar or anything ....??are you taking too much time between meals.

Maybe it's due to fasting??


U forget just ur study course ?

Give session breaks during ur study , if posible after few hours of study take sleep , and after u wake up try 2 recall what u have learnt...

Dnt go 4 any sort of pills , if pills would become ur habit , u can never get out of it...and if u get benefit frm pills that would just be for a shorter time....

I would suggest u take homeopathic medicine , it has no side effects and is very mch beneficial...

A pill made in 2005, said to have no side-effetcs

This exact thing has happened to me as well. I, too, thought that something was wrong with my brain. But I discovered that it was a loss of motivation rather than brainpower that was the reason.

I am not so sure that memory enhancement drugs are the right way to go. Every company claims that there are no side effects, but I doubt that would be the case.

The memory. :) Your brain needs lots of oxygen. Here is what worked for me.

1. Get up early, goto nearby park. Exercise a little bit. Sit straight and do deep breathing exercise for 10-15 minutes.

2. Soak 7 Almonds in water for the night. In the morning peel off their skin and chew them for at least 5 minutes making paste in your mouth then swallow the paste with one glass of milk.

You will feel change in a week's time. And yes quit smoking (if you do) and avoid soft drinks.

Eat Fish

It clears the arteries going to the brain

Thus, increasing the amount of oxygen and other nourishments reaching the brain

What deffury said seems to be the case. Your brain wouldn't just deteriorate , or else you would have physical consequences too. My theory would be that you simply have 'burned out'. You need a break! If a break fails, then it might be the case that you simply aren't motivated to study any longer. Find motivation to keep studying whether it's the future job prospects, the pride of a high-achiever, the thirst for knowledge etc.

If your general health is affected, then I would recommend that you see a doctor who may or may not refer you to a dietitian. General studying tips:

* Be motivated - make it clear why you are studying it and keep reminding yourself that you'll be rewarded.

* Have short study sessions. I function best in 30-45 mins study sessions followed be 10-15 mins breaks. Arrange your meals so that you can have a fruit or similar carb food that will release the 'feel good' neurotransmitters. Be sure to reduce your meal portions elsewhere to maintain the calorie equilibrium, i.e. to prevent fat accumulation.

* Study in groups that are as motivated as you are - where you can engage in useful discussions and share ideas, especially if the topic is such that where you can gain more knowledge in group discussions. However, stay away from the 'chatty' groups.

I agree with scuzzy that it must be the case and give it a try or consider a doctor.

Thanks to all of you who replied, and thanks for not making fun of my situation. As right now im texting from mobile (due to rain, whole worldcall network is down) so i will try to reply each and every one of you.

First of all. Yes i do smoke, eat late or i just skip my night meal after sehri these days and i sleep after doing sehri till 2pm. Anyways before posting the question i thought of myself too that my sleep less nights may be a cause. As others of you mentioned, my motivation towards stuyding is a major thing. I dont feel interested in studying. Its like book is front of me and i dont want to open it. No i dont have sugar or any thing. But after reading all of your posts im self motivated alot. I guess all i need is motivatinn and my sincarity with study programm. Anyways i will give a try to all your sugestions.

Thanks again for being calm. :P

Try to quit smoking

It blocks the arteries to the brain


8hours of sleep is enough