Media On Lan?


My administrator of LAN has started having a media on LAN(quite late although) but I guess he is unable to handle it efficiently and proficiently!!!!

The media folder(english movies,indian movies,songs and other things) worked quite well on the first day but after that,whenever I click any folder a message is displayed that YOU SHOULD CONTACT ADMINISTRATOR..THE PATH IS NOT ACCESSIBLE!!

I called him and asked him to make this work..He made some settings and the folders started opening but after a day,again the previous problem occurred!!!!

So what should advise my LAN ADMINISTRATOR to make things really work!!!!


What could be the problem!!???


Access Rights.

It is also possible that somebody whether physically on that computer or hacked someway in is changing the access rights. Or when new files are copied then correct access rights are not given.

He should allow read/directory/list access rights to "Everybody".

If NTFS right management is difficult for him to understand or manage then he could shift to FAT32 to ease his management of access rights.