MBL: Scheduled Maintenance Notice

This e-mail is only for your area. By the way these kind of emails are coming frequently now a days. Are they doing it for any major change or what ?

Maybe the upgradation of your exchange will happen during this maintenance?

I got this email from NTL too.Exact same with different NTL instead of MBL.

I call MBL and they said that your 1mb upgradation is expected to be done in next 2 or 3 working days. It means before Sunday it should be done.

Your a patient guy Sani if this was the case with me & more than 10 days passed i would have blasted them & called there high ups.

Sani why don't you visit their office?Tell them I am paying you,you are not giving the services for free.I got many options if you can't upgrade me don't give me caps(topies) all the time :|

Okay! I got this email and in this they will do this work on 26th and they sent this email before that day. Never happened before that they sent email before two days.

Dear Valued Customer,

MBL has scheduled maintenance work of its Network in your area from:

4:30 A.M. to 6:30 A.M. Sunday April 26, 2009

Kindly note that customers will face disruption in Internet during this maintenance activity. The aim of this work is to improve the level of service provided by MBL and minimize any future problems.

Please note the duration for which MBL services will remain disrupted for each customer is not expected to exceed 30 minutes during this maintenance activity.

MBL apologizes for any inconvenience you may suffer due to this essential maintenance work.

Best Regards,


Technical Assistance Center

Micronet Broadband Pvt. Ltd.


Maybe this time i will be upgraded because time which is required for this work is also big. :)

I can already feel it. Google's not opening.. anyone else?

Yes some sites are giving problems and net is slow.