Pentium Dual Core 3.4 ghz (well intell processors goes very well) (min 8k)

Asus P5KVM (min 5K warrenty card included)

Corsair 1x2gb 1066mhz (min 5K warrenty card included)

XFX 8800gt 512 Alpha Dog Edition (1 year warrenty remaining, if smtg happens u have to pay posting charges) (min 8K)

waiting for your bids

SMS me for any queries


wont attend call till 6.30 pm, office timings :D

I live in karachI.


XFX 8800gt 512 Alpha Dog Edition (1 year warrenty remaining)... Is this BRAND NEW?? If not how much is it used for? And if its used how come one year warranty remaining? Or did you mean one month?


actually i purchased it 5 jan 2007, 2 year warranty, 1 year remaining, you can say it is brand new when u look at it, bought from galaxy


where do u live farrukh


M interested in ur GPU mayb u r in lahore m in rwp


I live in karachI.


oh sorry ..... hmmm can u post it to rwp????


warranty left on the motherboard?


Bro can you confirm the warranty on your GPU?? Im interested.. cuz galaxy just provides one year warranty on graphics cards.. how come you got 2 years????


ohh hell.. i didnt see the purchase date.. even if it had 2 years warranty only less than a warranty is left bro.. 5th jan 2007 - 5th jan 2009.. sorry.. and thank you!


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i want your ram............


but u live in gujranwala