Maxtor 500GB , 32mb cache , firmware?

salam to all

please let me know that from where i could get the firmware (updated) of the maxtor 500GB , 32MB cache HDD sata2.

My suggestion is that if it ain't broken, don't fix it.

By the way, did you tried finding it in Maxtor (or Seagate) website?

it crashes about 2 times in a month !!

i couldnt find the firmware updations at

thy do mention tht this product need the firmware updations but i couldnt find the firmware to download !


First of all, you need to read the exact model number written on HDD. It is very important before you begin searching for its firmware.

yesi know and i have it

its STM3500320AS and the current firmware version in it is MX1A




Read this (important):

thanks for the info and the links , i have already browse these and atlast i found that i have the firmware on my maxtor , the version is MX1A , and this firmware has no need to b updated , the firmware named MX15 needs to b updated to MX1A , which i already have on my drive , may b some other factors are thos eare crashing the windows frequently.

i will try to surface scan the dsk and then will see the difference in performance.

thanks for the help any how.