Maxcom vs PTCL

I am currently using Maxcom 4mb and have always been with Maxcom since they started out. I am very happy with their service and connections. However lately I have been a little disappointed. Ever since I started playing Gears of War on Xbox 360 Live, I have been noticing that my connection is not that good. I have a PTCL 4mb at office and according to PTCL & Maxcom have roughly the same download speed but Maxcom upload is a meager 0.4mb while PTCL clocks around 0.8mb. It is my understanding that fast upload is required for online gaming... is this true? Secondly what is ping & latency? PTCL ping rate is 80-100 & Max is 100-120. Which is better? PTCL customer support is terrbile but Maxcom thrives on service.

The question is what should I do? Remain with Maxcom or switch to PTCL. The high upload speed is very tempting.

well go get PTCL if you r a multiplayer online gaming because PTCL's pings are lowest..and pingzz r most important for online gaming but beware their Customer Service suxx alot....!

Third option: LDN w. Gaming.

my 3.5G usb modem gives me download speed upto 384kbps and uploading is amazing its upto 512kbps