Max users connection error........... when will it be fixed?


So yeah, this error comes up quite regularly and pisses me off because you gotta wait at least 15 minutes before you can access the site again. I once waited 30 minutes.........

So is it gonna be fixed anytime soon? any upgrade version of punbb? It shouldn't be that much of a problem, right?

Please do something about this KO.


yeah it was there for the last half hour


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yeah it was there for the last half hour

yeah me too.

and what about that “Avatar” upload error?


The natives are getting restless... uh-oh.




Sheikh 'Dear Sir' Chilli



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Yeah, i got the same one while trying to update.


i know the problem buddy, but what about the solution?


i think someone was doing some DOS attacks


i think its a php coding error! and it happens occasionally!


It's not a php code or forum software error.Basically it means KO's host has set a hard limit of maximum connections to database and if there are a lot of users are online on wiredpakistan then thiss software creates a lot of connections to database and if hard limit is full then you cannot create more connections to database and that's why it gives max user error.


site5 are a bunch of oversellers.. they used to be great a couple of years they oversell each and every server they have.. how abt a decent vps for the site(s) ?


The website doesn't use up much resources, so there are two options:

1. Site5 is overselling resources

2. Some script on the website is misbehaving and using too much resources.

As far as 1 goes, in the beginning Site5 had great service, but now as their plans show, they're cut down prices to far and offering too much resources to maintain that quality.

Script usage could be an issue too, perhaps the next update of the forum software might run better. I'm looking into the options...


The website obviously uses more resources than your current provider provides. You should get a VPS that way you have root access to the server and can set your own higher max connections limit.