Max. DSL Speed

I just wanted to know what speed people can get with current lines.

Those who don't know how to get it do these steps(these might vary slightly depending on your router),

1) open in browser

2) enter username = "admin" and password = "admin"

3) It will take you to home page, if not then click on "home"

4) Download and upload speed will be mentioned as "Downstream / Upstream (Kbps)".

Here is my Information

ISP : PTCL DSL 1mbps

Download speed (kbps) : 3700 (max. = 4100)

Upload Speed (kbps) : 1022 (max. =1050)

City : Lahore

Area: Johar Town

ISP : Using Wateen currently, was using PTCL 1Mbps and it's still active at my home (I am not at home currently..)

Download speed (kbps) : 4500

Upload Speed (kbps) : 2086

City : Lahore

Area: J2 Johar Town

this is my ONU line 2 mb connection status.

i am in Multan

Line Rate - Upstream (Kbps): 510

Line Rate - Downstream (Kbps): 2044

I am currenlty using 512kbps PTCL DSL connection.

Upstream : 924 kbps

Downstream : 1744 kbps

Karachi, Maxcom, 3600Rs a month

on regular PTCL line

Downstream: 2048 kbps

Upstream: 512 kbps

1mb Ptcl!


now it doesnt matter what the dsl router shows

the max speed is the speed u get while downloading a file...

so plz post some screen shots while downloading a file in middle not in start cuz at start the speed thrust and blah blah

mine is here..... and post ur's also like this


Why your provided link is not working???

By the way, i like your idea.