Making a website

Hi guys, Can anyone tell me which is the best software to start with for a beginner to make a website? Im using Microsoft Expression Web and finding it extremely difficult and time consuming to make even 1 page, Also if i use templates i just mess them up because im not able to edit them properly..

Any advice?

Microsoft Frontpage is easy for beginners.

If you have time and patience then you can learn Dreamweaver. I use Dreamweaver. I used to use both Frontpage and Dreamweaver but then back in 2002 I made a final shift and left Frontpage forever. The learning curve of Dreamweaver is more steeper than Frontpage.

By the way, have you tried Frontpage?

I am little curious that what is so complicated you are trying to do that you messed up? :) Answer to this question is not necessary but remember the K.I.S.S. formula

Keep It Simple and Stupid :)

Not everything that glitter is gold ;)

Therefore, stop making things glitter. Google hit gold with extremely simple design with following on K.I.S.S. formula. While all other search engines of that era used to glitter with tons of 1000 watts bulbs :D

Frontpage x 2 for simple HTML based webpages.

Nothing is as hard as you think... you just need more practice.

Anyway Frontpage is the easiest.

Microsoft Expression Web is the new frontpage right?

I started with notepad and the tutorials at

the tutorial shouldn't take more than a couple of days...great for beginning IMO...

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Microsoft Expression Web is the new frontpage right?


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Microsoft Expression Web is the new frontpage right?

Microsoft Expression Web actually replaced Microsoft Frontpage. Last version of Frontpage, I guess was 2003 or something (never used it).

In other words, Microsoft Expression Web is successor to Microsoft Frontpage but it is not Frontpage. Frontpage is famous for its easiness while Microsoft tried to make a more comprehensive web editor with Expression Web, to compete with Dreamweaver.

By the way, I haven’t yet used Expression Web.

^yes it was Frontpage 2003 before.

I didn't used frontpage and never opened the expression web.


It's true that there is no web page designer software that if you mess up with it and it will give you ease to re arrange the things in it.

frontpage is easier to use and to design a web page. but in any software you will need to understand the HTML code if you mess up the things.

and experience wise this is the one deadlock that a beginner faces when the things gone messed up with the design and just unable to re-arrange them.

I have seen many experienced developers/designers saying that the dreamveawer is my favorite tool, no! front page is my favorite tool, it gives me easiest and quick way to design a wep page.

And I have seen exactly them when editing the code in html and I just used to ask them now what happened, where your tool grip has gone? no answer.

yeh I know and yes they are right when they say that it gives the easiest and quicker way to design (but not re-design)

^ I do not have Frontpage installed is my system. From last 7 or so years, I only have Dreamweaver in my system. No Frontpage, not for designing, not for redesigning, not for editing.

Dreamweaver gives me all easiness to design, redesign, edit and reedit. Why I need two tools? One to design and second to re-design? This make no sense.

If a web programmer/designer knows how to properly use Dreamweaver then it is as easy and quicker, in fact, much easier and much quicker than Frontpage.


Did i say to use both or more than one editor?? I think, NO

It was actually a try(i think i failed it :/) to make real time words, how I have seen, when some one was using dreamweaver while an other developer was using frontpage.

There is really not a sense using both. you are right.

and about re-designing a webpage in design mode of any editor, I didn't say it is impossible. but there is more trouble for the beginners to handle it in design mode. specially nested tables, divs, layers, etc. when it gets messed up.

and one have to get familiar with basic HTML understandings.

Yeah exactly. I saw a tutorial for Expression Web and it showed me how to create a website using layers.. So i spent 3-4 days trying to make my own site using Layers.. I just kept messing it up, Something or the other would go wrong and i wouldnt know how to fix it. Then i went over to official Microsoft Expression forums to discuss it and they told me to use Divs and to stop using layers.. lol.. In the end i just decided to use a template and customize it to my own style because making your own layout with layers and divs seems just too hard to me.. I cant place text boxes exactly where i want them.. Even if i do place them properly sometimes they view differently in IE and Firefox.. Sometimes the layers overlap etc etc.. So i basically gave up.. Gonna use a Template now and customize it to my own style and use the layers/divs everything which are already added into that template.

You shouldn't use Expression if you are a beginner. If you truly want to learn how to make a website, then you should do the following:

1. Make sure you are really interested in doing this.

2. Don't jump ahead, go about this step by step

3. Go to this site. Follow the primers accordingly HTML,HTML & Graphics tutorial, ASP, javascript, and then SQL.

4. If you don't understand a particular thing use tutorial. The reason why I would recommend htmlgoodies is that, it is friendly, and easy to follow.

5. I repeat do not jump ahead of the tutorials stick with it and you might finish all primers in a month.

6.After Completing the htmlgoodies primers, head on to w3schools and do the following: XML tutorials, Ajax and then PHP tutorials.

7. Go to the IBM dev, Apache sites and look into the new tech that are being developed.

8. If you want to make sites easy then use a CRM like Joomla.

8. Congratulations, You are now a junior web designer, and are ready to earn Rs12000 from a web solutions firm

Okey this is basically my first proper website.. What do you guys think?

^ Looks cool to me. Just remove the search bar and blend the menu in that black background. Just my opinion.

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Okey this is basically my first proper website… What do you guys think?


Very nice efforts. Here are my few suggestions:

1) Give proper title to each page. Word “Home” is not enough. Because if somebody search in Google (or any other search engine) then page’s title is usually use for heading in search results.

2) In you CSS file, change following line from “body” tag:

font-family: candara;

to following line:

font-family: candara, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

Because I currently do not have “Candara” font in the computer from which I opened your website and all the text appeared in Times New Roman. That’s why it is better to give few other common names of fonts that are commonly available in other computers. That’s why it is called “font-family” property :)

  1. The image “Franck-Ribery_2317440.jpg” appears lone and with lots of blank space in my FF3. Change its following image tag from:

to following line:

I added style into the image tag. However, you should remove style tag and add it to your CSS. Both methods will work. The "align=left" will make the difference and your image will appear properly on left.

Last but not the least, keep up the good work :)

^ your genius.

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^ your genius.

No, he is wampyr.

This is genius:

Haha, Thanks guys for the comments..


The search box i added only for Google Adsense..


Thanks alot man !!!

Before i forget, Any tips on how to get more traffic on your site and how to earn money from Google Adsense? Any tips you guys can give me?

And also.. Can i click on the ads once myself only to see if i earn money in my account? Just a little curious thats all.. I dont want to get banned for clicking my own ads :D


Thanks man i did the changes what you suggested.. Thanks alot :)

Just a few questions though.

1. In my browser before it was showing Candara font, But when i editted the font family im getting i think Arial font ? I've published the site so can you please look at it? :)

2. And also, I would like the picture aligned to the right so instead of left i aligned it to the right.. Now in Firefox it is aligned but in IE it still appears the same like before

3. And I dont want to store videos or pictures on my website but instead i want to store them on another website and then share them on my website so that it looks as if they are stored on my website.. Is that possible? If yes then how.. And yeah i can store the videos on youtube but are there any other websites to store videos and pictures without limit?

4. And lastly, Can i create my own buttons or maybe download buttons from somewhere which i can use in Expression Web? I feel the default buttons seem just a little outdated.