Make ur rapidshare premium account unlimited

hi guyzzzzzzzzzz

after many searches i find the easiest way 2 make ur rapidshare account unlimited

here is the notpad link and every info in this note pad if u do same like notepad so u can make ur account unlimited

[link removed]

PHISING ALERT ....this guy is a fraud ......ban him mods

he is fake , i have lost my rapid share account , by clicking on the link , it asked me to enter login and password , when i did it , some one has changed my password , help me out admin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow....a cheater.......thanx God i already hav one unlimited......i didnt clik the link bach gaya :lol:

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PHISING ALERT …this guy is a fraud …ban him mods

Thanks for the heads up, Kashif!