Make Money By Auto bloging

I have made many blogs and sold them for a good money.

The business of website flipping is increasing day by day, so I think I should share some important information about how to make money by blogs and set it to autopilot.

Here the things you need or initial investment:-

1. A webhosting.

2. A good domain related to niche.

3. Wordpress script or If your webhost support cpanel you can install this from fantastico.

4. All in one seo plugin for wordpress

5. wpomatic wortdpress plugin.

6. A good clean dark and light theme. (You can use free also).

7. I t will be better if you invest some money on custom banner.

Now here we go:-

Step 1.

Search a good niche which going to make you good profit.

I will suggest you to use entertainment, health, moneymaking or games niche since its easy to promote them.

Now search for the keywords in google keywords tool, and check the most searched words in the niche and decide a domain from it.

It will help you to get top tank in google automatically.

Step 2.

Now install wordpress using fantastico or manual installation and then install plugins like "all in one seo", "wp-o-matic" and use the good theme, I will suggest using custom banner for professional look.

Step 3.

Now search some youtube videos according to your niche and add them to your blog.

Write some 15-20 unique articles and post them in your blog or outsource them if you don't have any time to do so.

Step 4.

Now post your website to social bookmarking sites and social networking sites like - digg, twitter, reditt, stumbleupon, answer some yahoo questions which questioned about your niche,.

Post 5-6 unique articles on ezine and AC(associatecontent) and link them to your blog.

This way you can get very good traffics for your blog. And managed to get very good amount of unique visitors.

Step 5.

Automate the posting process now using wp-o-matic plugin and use the available niches blog url's to feed your content in the blogs.

Don't do this too much add 20 posts per day only and carryout this rate daily by just feeding your blog with wp-o-matic.

Step 6.

Now use ppc and affiliates in your blog for some extra income.

For some more extra income I will suggest using clickbank products and promote them.

Sep 7.

Promote your blog as stated above in process 4 upto 2-3 months and sell them in ebay or sitepoint and get very good amount of money from it.

Well buddies I think it will help many peoples who don't know blog flipping at it fullest form.

If you need anymore tip then don't hesitate to ask.

If you need a readymade blog to make money just ask me.

Share some URL of ur running blogs.