Mac OS VM on VMWare Workstation


I want to make a VM of Mac OS in VMWare Workstation so i can use Mac on Windows based machines. I want to know is it possible? Like we make VMs of Linux in VMWare.

Waiting for reply.


It should be possible. Google it.

^ badar1653

I have never tried it but here is a guide that might help you a bit (but don't expect everything to work, some hardware device like sound or ethernet may not work correctly or at all):

I am curious that why you need Mac OS under Windows (Windows as a host)? :)

There is no option for MAC OS in VMWare. I dont have Mac OS or I would have tried it too. I googled it and found out that PearPC is another emulator that can run MAC OS on Windows.

Google Osx86 as wampyr linked too.

See if this helps

Thanks for all ur help

i think i have one vm its mac but not sure which version it is coz i just downloaded and it was in that iso file as well, never used it though