Low Disk Space

*tech pixies flit about, sparkle sparkle*

This is the story of the magical disappearing disk space.

*some more tech pixie dust*

Every day, there's a little less.

I've lost about 1.12 GB to this mysterious chasm in the space-time continuum.

And I just can't figure out what to do.

Where the heck did it all that go?

Windows, Drive C, virus scanner reports no infections, spyware negative, I've shifted most of the programs to other drives, "My Documents" is also on a bigger drive now, I've deleted everything I could while refraining from giving in to the urge to delete EVERYTHING and smash the monitor with a bat the next time the "Low Disk Space" notification appears.

To cut a long (dark,painful) story short: help please.

There are a couple of reasons why disk space

slowly evaporates into a dark hole:

01. You have disk restore on. It claims a healthy

chunk of HDD space.

02. Your pagefile (and hibernation file) has ballooned.

It is an invisible file that is linked to virtual memory.

03. Also use any software to clear temporary files,

cache, etc. I use SpeedUpMyPC and this one soft-

ware will optimize your HDD, memory, CPU, internet...


Let's see what you find.




Sheikh 'Gum Shoe' Chilli

in addition to above post..

if its been a while since you've installed your windows. maybe its time to re-install it. this time format your drive to NTSC partition.

use Ccleaner to clean all the crap

i've seen this problem in two of my friends' pc's and both were using kaspersky anti virus, it stores the quarantined files in system:\documents and settings\user\application data\kaspersky\quarantine in one PC i found it to be 15 GB and in the other one it was 4.3 GB, so go ahead and remove those files, i dont know why they were so large in size.

I have disk restore on for drive C,but it's set to only about 200 MB and I keep clearing old restore points using the disk cleaner (btw:no effect.)

Page file: 100 MB...it doesn't explain the missing GB but what should I do?

I used CCleaner,which freed up about 38 MB. :|

I cannot reinstall Windows and I use AVG Antivirus.

^Select the unchecked options in Ccleaner too (at the bottom) and then run it

arey its simple Yar ;)

Delete Everything in You "TEMP" Folder which is located in

C:\>Documents and Setting>USERNAME>Local setting>Temp <<<

Use C-Cleaner to Clean Internet Relative sCrap ;)


Control Panel >Power Option>Hibernate

and Finally Delete or Empty Your "System Volume Information" which is Hidden in Your C Drive ! (if u can Coz i Can Delete it Easily :D)

BTW Agree wid SAMEED :

Delete Your Qurantine Files Through Your Antivirus (But dont Delete Your Necessary Windows File)


Already had.


I clear out my TEMP folder every few days.

Rather not delete that System Volume... :s

I finally,unhappily,turned off System Restore completely. Got about 700 MB back. A few hundred short of what I originally had,but problem solved,I guess.

Disable system restore :)

Effeay, what's the total size of your HD ?.




Sheikh 'Calculator' Chilli


Putting together all the partitions, almost 40 GB.

How much is C:\ space ?

About 4.5 GB, and currently around 700 MB is free.

Hey ... You Can Delete those Files who is Hidden in Your 'System Volume Information'.

1. Install Super Antispyware

2. Manually Select System Volume Information Folder for Scan then Explore it.

3. After Exploring the Folder you can see Hidden Folder's inside of System Volume Information Folders.

4. Hold Down the "SHIFT KEY" then Right Click to One Folder & then Delete it.

5. Delete all Folders or Files in "System Volume Information Folder".

Then See how much space you Got. Reply if you Got anything..

Use windirstat to get a breakdown of your hard disk space usage. This way you can find out which files and folders are taking up most of the space:


every possibble solution i cud think of is already written up there.... is your windows automatic update on?? check add remove program (dont forget tick "show updates") and c how much space windows updates are takin??

turn off system restore in safemode and then try to rum AVG's command line scan in safe mode... may be it will find sumthin there...

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in addition to above post…

if its been a while since you’ve installed your windows. maybe its time to re-install it. this time format your drive to NTSC partition.


NTSC or NTFS ???