Lost my African Grey Parrot

I did not know where else to post this. I lost my African Grey Timneh parrot today. I live in Gulshan Abad Housing scheme, Adyala Road, Rawalpindi. So if anyone of you living here finds him please contact me at [use profile email]. Thanks so much.

Edit: please don't post mobile phone numbers on the internet. There is rampant abuse of such phone numbers.

^ Finding a bird in this suburb area is very difficult. There are two reasons for it; First is that there are still many trees here which gives natural habitat to birds. Secondly, there are still many wild birds living in this area. If you notice each morning birds come in this area from south and each evening they go back to south.

I am not trying to be pessimistic but chances of finding that bird is extremely slim. It is much more possible that in evening your bird might have followed other birds and went to south.

It is time for you to pray to Allah for well being of your bird. Within few days of this new freedom, it will learn how to live in wild and how to cooperate with other birds.

Maybe, this freedom is what Allah intended for your bird. In evening go to your roof, face south and stand silent for a minute to say farewell to your bird.

Oh by the way, you may wonder what is in south? South of Adyala has lots of trees and water ponds. I did always wonder why birds go to south in evening until I saw it in Google Earth.

He had all the freedom he needed with me. I never closed him in the cage. He lived in my bedroom as he pleased, he was a part of the family as a person not as a bird and as he is an exotic bird there is a very high risk of him getting injured by other wild birds especially crows and kites.

Anyway I know what the chances are of finding him and all I am asking is for people living in this area to keep an eye open for him and inform me please.

I am sorry if I sound angry but I am extremely upset and devestated for my baby right now.

Oh and I know that he is still around because when I do my special whistle, I can hear him whistle back a few times. So I know he is still in the area.

^ So that means he knows where you are but does'nt want to come back to you....

He wants to be free, he wants to live in the wild, he wants to discover the world, he wants to live a unbound life.

Listen I don't need this kind of behaviour or talk from you guys.

It means that he is out there but he is nervous and scared to find his way back and he is calling out to me to find him. Clearly you do not know a thing about bird or animal psyche.

Please only reply in this topic IF you are living in Abad area. Thanks. If you can't help then don't make it worse for me, I am already distraught right now. I have not slept in two days.

I would like to dedicate "Is it love" to you and your loving bird

wish you find him soon.


Even if you are sure that it is in that area, it will be really hard for it to find the way to home. Why? Consider from that bird's point of view; It knows your home (or your room) only from inside. It doesn't know your home looks like from outside or from up in sky. Therefore, it will be really hard for it to distinguish your home from all other houses.

If you are sure that you hear it whistle back, then what you need to do is to go out in street and whistle again. It will surely whistle back to you. Keep whistling while you get the idea of direction of it's response. Slowly walk towards that direction. After every few steps whistle so that it can response and give you new direction. You may need to wander in streets to get close to it. It is better to accompany another person with you and keep a bottle of water in your hand (you'll soon get thirsty).

If it is in your area then with hard work of few hours you can locate it. It might be sitting on some tree or on the roof of some house. If it is a loyal pet it will response to your whistles. That's the only way to get it back because in Pakistan we do not have any animal control/protection agencies as in western countries.

Don't expect that someone else will see and inform you because currently (as evening arrives) I am hearing lots of birds voices and can't tell which one is which. I like natural voices and that's why I like Adyala Road (thought I do not like the weak security here).

Good luck with finding :)

there is a high chance that some one may have captured it , if its a unique parrot

post a picture of your bird so people know, how it looked like since you said its exotic. since you can here him from around then maybe its saying farewell to you, and saying at last i am free from aunty's cage.................

You guys clearly have no idea what the bond between humans and their pets is like. I feel sorry for you because you will never experience it.

Here is a picture of what African Grey Timneh looks like:


I am receiving sms's on my number from guys teasing me about my bird. People can be so sick about other people's miseries. I guess that is a typical Pakistani mentality, that is the only way you guys can get your frustrations out instead of giving people in grief some support.

I do appreciate the posts trying to help me with ways to find him.


aunty i feel your pain.

^^ This is your own fault, You shouldn't have given your cellphone or even homephone number on a internet forum, no matter how big is your problem, instead you should have given your secondary email address. (if you didn't had one then you could have easily made one (it takes 5 minutes to signup ))

Secondly, you are over-acting......

Finally, FYI atleast i am not one of those who are SMS'ng you.

aunty if you are getting unwanted SMS please contact rehman malik in islamabad, there is a new law out about SMS, one can not send SMS about Zardari and Birds ' cause its against the law.

[quote=", post:, topic:"]
Finally, FYI atleast i am not one of those who are SMS'ng you.

x2, 'cause i don't have credit in my SIM.

Did I wasted my time typing lengthy posts trying to help him/her?!?!?! :/

^ It seems yes.... rolleye0010.gif

@ wampyr

I thanked everyone who has helped me with suggestions to find my bird. So no, your lengthy post did not go to waste. I appreciate it.

@k2munda and Ultimate

Would you respond to same way if someone had lost their human child?

Anyway I am done posting here. I don't have the time or stamina to deal with thick headed frustrated and sick people.

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

Did I wasted my time typing lengthy posts trying to help him/her?!?!?! :confused:

of course :P

@Aunty Aisha78 your problem would have became happiness of someone, who have caught it.

ohhh #$%# he is not so techi too join WP , to report u.

BTW that was really nice and beautiful.