Looking to buy an Apple Iphone 16 GB


I currently own a nokia N73 but its over a year old and im bored with that, im thinking of selling it or maybe keep it as the main phone (Iphone is purdy expensive and too many robberies here :-| ) and buying a new Iphone from UK. The 16 GB version is costing about PKR 50-55K including shipping with 12 months Apple warranty.

What i dont know is if a NEW Iphone is available in Pakistan at a cheaper price, i know at some places people are selling second hand iphones brought here by people from different countries, but i really dont want to go for a 2nd hand phone with No warranty, when ordering a New one from UK atleast ill be able to send it back to any of my mates if there are any problems.

If anyone knows if a NEW Iphone is available in Karachi, please letme know.




If you are in Karachi, would you be interested in an 8 GB, updated & unlocked iPhone, used for less than 2 weeks for around Rs. 35,000?

I know you said NEW :P but it's been hardly used at all (I bought it for something to play around with while waiting for a laptop) and includes everything that comes in the box, plus a few little extras.


Not really, im actually looking for 16 GB, NEW.

BTW If you just used it for 2 weeks why are you selling it? Something wrong with the Iphone? ( k got the answer from ur updated post, so u got an Iphone for only 2 weeks while waiting for your laptop? lol weird :P)

And did you buy a new one? if so from where and how much?




yeah I was saving up half the cash for a laptop, and bought the iPhone for Rs. 38K from an Apple Media Centre store while waiting for the other half of the cash I needed :P

It's a great device, and I always wanted to try one, but I'll keep one after version 2.0 of the OS has been released and hacked and there's a lot of third-party apps available for it.



this? a few weeks back i contacted them and they said they dont do Iphones yet :-/ lemme check it out again.

EDIT:Nopes nuthing still, even checked out other resellers no Iphone in Pakistan yet.

Maybe your confusing Iphone with Itouch:



No I have it right here and I can tell it's not an iPod Touch :rolleyes: and yes it was from the Media Center store in DHA 1; at first they denied having it but the guy there offered to check back later, by which time they did have it available.


hmm gonna call em up then. Does it still have warranty?


:/ .....it's been unlocked.

Ergo, Warranty = R.I.P :|


Unlocked = Warranty R.I.P (as said by Wren).


o well ill head to Ebay then


well wren . it is a decency to reply if someone has given u the number


I'll get back to you tonight, jshak - as I said, I've been very busy trimming up my desktop all day today