Looking To Buy 7-8 KV Gas Generator, any suggestions?

hey all, my trust old honda cpx 2500 just got stolen a few days ago and im now forced to pick up a new generator. can anyone please suggest a gas generator 7-8 kva that they've heard good things about or have personally used?

thanks all.

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Briggs & Stratton (8KVa), from ACG Generators.

Used personally, at home.

A real American work horse. You can't **** it up,

even if you tried.




Sheikh 'It's A Briick...House' Chilli

hey SC i checked out ac generators the brigs do look really good, a tad pricey though. the 4.5 kva one is 95k. anyways im checking out the chinese generators right now, everywhere i go theres another brand which the shop dude claims is his personal imported brand.

theres the zonshen 5kv one, and tokai and a flurry of other brands. can anyone recommend a decent chinese brand?

There is no decent Chinese brand. :P

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There is no decent Chinese brand. :P

I have personally used Kipor, a Chinese brand, and I can say its going good. Kipor is the same brand PEL is painting up to sell as theirs. Normally Chinese offer all sorts of quality segments.

@Sheikh Chilli....dude......how many 1.5 A/Cs can you run on your Brigg's 8KV genset? i visited brigg's dealer in clifton and he said that 8kv will support only one 1.5 ton Ac.......but then these chinese 5 kv gensets also claim running atleast one 1.5 AC flawlessly......my question is what is the benefit of that extra three KVs. can these 3 KVs run a second A/C let say 1 ton one. have u tried??