Looking for : wrtsl54gs or wrt54gl

Hi all,

I am looking for wrtsl54gs or wrt54gl. if anyone have it (im more interested in wrtsl54gs) and wants to sell it, plz post here or pm/email me.

I recommend you go for TP-Link TL-WR642G 108Mbps.

Having Same features I am using from 1 year very roughly. No problem at all.

Really budget effective you can get almost in half of Linksys.


wrtsl54gs support for dd-wrt and storagelink feature (usb 2.0 support) made it my choice :)

if u need a router for dd-wrt

then i have a belkin wifi router model F5D7230-4

and it is suported by dd-wrt

u can chek here