Looking for Management Assistant to CEO

Etilize Private Limited

job based in Karachi, night Shift

Role: To organize, coordinate and facilitate the CEO

Email resume at hr@etilizepak.com latest by April 05, 2009. You may contact on 4550677 for further details.


1. To help CEO plan and organize his time towards activities that help in achieving business goals and objectives as per business plan.

2. To participate in sales, marketing, operations, customer delivery, financial and legal business meetings in order to summarize the highlight of the meetings to keep the CEO abreast of all important actives in the company.

3. To recommend CEO’s involvement and suggest action items for activities that are mission critical, urgent and important.

4. Understand and prepare all the management reporting requirements for the parent company, aware of all financial and tax reporting and liabilities due to government agencies, leases, licenses etc. The candidate will be required to understand receivables and cash flow reports.

5. Assist the CEO in creating presentations for the quarterly board meetings as well as provide all the necessary backup data for the meetings.

6. Prepare for monthly management call with direct reports. Collect ,organize and prepare the data from CEO’s direct reports

7. Organize CEO’s local and foreign travels with flight, hotel and local travel arrangements. Liaison with local and foreign country managers meeting times, agenda and travel logistics to and from the meeting locations.

8. Call customers and vendor partners to setup business meetings, organize lunch/diner with the customers/vendors as well as logistics of the meetings and send meeting agenda etc.

9. Conduct research on the Internet to get background on people, customers, competitors, partners etc.

10. Run errands where and if necessary, to help the CEO focus his time on high value functions and activities.


1. A business or equivalent degree with 5+ years of experience performing the above-mentioned or very similar functions is a must. Exceptionally bright candidates with high GPAs from top notch universities can be entertained for the position.

2. The candidate should be highly resourceful and energetic. A positive can-do attitude and self-motivated is a must.

3. The candidate will have to coordinate with team members spread across the world in multiple time zones, therefore being flexible in terms of availability to coordinate and participate meetings will be frequently required.

4. Limited travel may be required so willingness to travel will be a plus.

5. Candidate must have a calm and collected personality and is known to work under time pressure and stress without losing his / her ability to deliver results.

6. Someone who is eager to learn and grow in the organization to take on bigger and better roles in within 3 years of being in this position.

7. Must be proficient in MS Office i.e. Word, Excel, Power Point etc. Knowledge of Project Management software like MS Project will be a big plus.

heheh sania if all these things have to do by Manag. Asst. then what yur CEO do Sleeeeeeeeep sleeeeeeeeep sleeeeeeeeep !!!

"7. Must be proficient in MS Office i.e. Word, Excel, Power Point etc. Knowledge of Project Management software like MS Project will be a big plus."

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