Looking for a new computer case as my old one is getting rusty

looking for a new computer case as my old (medium size) one is getting rusty

plus i need a big case as i have a large crossfire motherboard

also should have adequate cooling options as i have a 3870.

any suggestions?



Tell your budget

Look for Cooler Master Casing

thanks for the sugestions guys

my budget is 5000 rs

here is the case i bought, cost me a little bit over my

budget it was for 7500 rs..

but this is a nice case... :) i think you will agree with me


Where did you buy it from Jack???

Awesome Casing. Price of this casing on that website is 60 Dollars means around 4900 Rs. So is it......?

bathisland..got it from a shop in unicentre ground floor...these acrylic casings impossible to find

Nomi...yeah , but i got it with some extras. colored fans and led strips to make it light up a little bit.

,plus these guys always rip you off a little too, it is to be expected...but i think you will agree

that it was worth it :)

Awesome man...!! very nice...! a frnd of mine saw this in an exhibition in Dubai 4yrs back!

thanks Mazahyr

i wanted to light up my crossfire motherboard and other extras which i got also

here it is by the way

http://www.foxconnchannel.com/product/M … -us0000396

This guy from lahore made acrylic casing himself,painted it with UV paint and Illuminated by white, blue, UV LEDs and Custom made acrylic dragon fan grill at the top + illuminated transformers engraved logo . He is selling his casing on another forum for Rs 8000.

Can contact him directly: sms only on 0333-4497563

Youtube Video:

CM 690, if you want slightly simple, better HDD cooling (690 front fan has too much airflow restriction) and less plastic case then go with CM 590 and Antec 300, both are best bang for buck, if you can increase budget slightly Cm HAF 922 and NXZT Tempest are nice too. I personally prefer Antec 300 coz fans bundled with CM cases are generally have 37~ CFM (leafblowers), but dead silent, whereas Antec 300 has good quality moderate CFM fans.

BTW I am new here, I wanted to introduce myself, but unable to find appropriate section (maybe I am sleepy :P).

^No need for intro. Anyone's welcome here. So just sit tight and get ready for some for some ........





That aside, the CM590 is a good option as it is available here in Pakiland. Good price too.