Listen and comment

Listen them with heart and suggest me more like this.

I am listening to islamic content for the first time on internet

Am i changed?

I'm not here to disheart you or taunt. Please try to get some knowledge of islam, there is huge collection of quranic tafaseer and ahadis online. Try studying different fiqahs, Saha-sitha' and basic masaail. A person could change by reading quran or hear it recited by other, but not these things. Qaseeda burdah Shareef is really the most complete verse in poetry which nearlly completes the scale of respect for our beloved Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H). But i dont believe in singing it like this.

Yeah internet is full of gud and bad things about islam , some ppl write some bad stuffs..stay away from dem , go for quranic tafseer ..