List of Online Computer Shops in Pakistan


I need Asian do follow blogs kindly help me.


they claim to deliver without advanced payment, but looks like they have very very old stuff and prices are high as well

#223 sucks big time man.


Nice info i am laptop lover , i like this information.


nice but till now less practical websites for islmabad/rwp

#226 Best and number one Online Shopping in Pakistan


^^The most expensive online shop. best i've found is and their delivery service is also gud!


Yeh shophive is superExpensive.


^ here check this out guys, another Pakistan based online shopping website, stuff from other vendors than those of available locally .



Like what n@33m said


You guys can find GPU's, PSU's, Rams & all other stuff @ very cheap rates. Good customer support & delivery usually in 1 business day.




I have purchased mobile and laptop from them. they are good in service and cash on delivery system is very reliable.


They have shops in a lot of major cities in Pakistan. I have found their prices to be reasonable and competitive with the market.

They deal in xfx graphic cards, asrock and xfx mobo, thermaltake casing and various other products.


Here is another shop dealing with memory, gigabyte motherboards and ssds. They will get more new stuff as they go along. Here is their website:


well known computer website


Thanks for this list


that is a great work by all you ppl. thanks a lot :)


some more websites,they deal in computers as well among other things:


^nice share

Galaxy S II for only Rs. 56,000 @


Thanks a lot for sharing the list, can some one help me in sharing a city specific list for Islamabad only....


This is one of the well known computer shops in islamabad

also is in the same city as well

here are some more websites for you all:


some one suggest me sata 3 ssd for laptop?