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we're moving to pakistan soon, i have a dell laptop right now, how am i going to connect it there ? with the voltage difference ( moving from Canada) am i better off buying a new computer??


is this Joke buy a new laptop?

Man most laptop adapters are 110-240V or if ur Adapter is 110V jo ho nahi sakta but if u can get voltage converter 110-220V for 250 (Good One) or u can buy a new adapter universal 110-240v.


LOL :)..

Anyway can someone tell me where i can check the price of Dell XPS M1710 laptop? im intrested in the Dell XPS series but i cant find alot of its models on the websites.. Only found a few. Does Dell have a show room here in karachi ?


i searched one more website



there's another latest online shop ,

one of the best pakistani gaming community launched a store

and the address is :


another online store in multan khan plaza


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another online store in multan khan plaza


if this is your website then properly host some where. the domain is yet parked.


Best shop for laptops in pakistan


The Cabnet technology. (best online shop)


Hey cabnet dudes.....when are you getting the Win7 laptops???


Good Info dude


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Hey cabnet dudes…when are you getting the Win7 laptops???

Haha… The “spam” dudes were banned for spamming. The name of their website will appear as “spam” on WP Forums.


Notebook and Desktop Prices also had a showroom at Technocity Mall, I.I chundrigar Road.

Best Prices


Found this site




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