@Satlover - so the pings and the Speedtest.net responses you posted earlier were all during offpeak times?

And for a moment, I was thinking I'd go for LDN...


i think there is some problem at your end ... otherwise there are many satisfied customers of LDN around...

so if you are getting troubles then you should not say that LDN is altogether crap.. get your problem fixed instead of saying that LDN is crap...


i was also doubltfull like you all are before getting LDN cuz some members here who got probs with their Lines etc told me LDN is crap...

i took a leap of faith and went for LDN and i was amazed by their service..

got installed in 3 days... and best thing is RATES...

ptcl charges way more than LDN...

let me do the maths for you guys...

LDN rates [ these rates are when the packages were not upgraded so use common sense]


well i took some time out and made this simple chart for all of you so that you can understand the real rates...

i hope this chart will be helpful at many other places too and letting people understand the price difference...


and please dont just take opinion of one or two person about the service of any company..

and you can search around forum you ll find alot of Satisfied customers of LDN and a few unsatisfied people too...

shoukat u facing that problem that satlover is facing?


no man never faced any such problem

i have used both 1mbps and 2mbps of LDN and they ran awesome...

thanks to PEETCL wiring my line was not supporting 4Mbps otherwise i wanted 4mbps of LDN

its not like PTCL is a flawless thingi... their whole infrastructure starting from highest officials to the line man are corrupt and want their share in everything ... i have seen more people complaining about poor speed of PTCL dsl due to their line statuses.. and ultimately those customer end up in the hands of Wateen and other such wireless services... as they have never tasted the real speed and awesomeness of Wired DSL so they consider wireless broadbands an awesome thing over wired cuz of their weird wired dsl experience only due to effed up ptcl lines...

give me ur yahoo id plz,i wanna talk 2 u abt this


sorry i dont use yahoo

instead email me via this http://www.wiredpakistan.com/forums/misc.php?email=40

In the end it all depends on your Landline and if your line is noisy then nothing will work good on it.Both PTCL and LINKDOTNET are same.My friend is using LDN from the day one and he is satisfied with its speed.Pings isn't a big issue and you shouldn't really care about it.PTCL is also good but their CS is horrible.Its your choice really...subscribe to whatever connection you feel like to..don't listen to anyone ,these CSR are all just advertising their own companies.We know how good these companies are.Everyone is out there for business whether its PTCL or LINKDOTNET.



main thing = your line

if PTCL doesnt work fine there are very rare chances that LDN will run awesome on your line... or vice versa

thanks bro.rell me how to finish noise in landline?


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no need to do that

there is an edit option with your post too…

well just dig your line from your home to exchange and fix all the joints properly… TADA… done…

i will try next morning.

I also used LDN, before moving to PTCL because LDN doesn't work on ONU. WIth LDN I never faced any connectivity issues, nor I had to call them thrice a month :) ( with PTCL I have to call them atleast thrice a month on different connectivity and other issue. :( )

wat is ONU ??

Optical Fiber Line


Your are welcome.

my pleasure :) . frieands,im getting confused,sum ppl saying that ptcl rocks while sum say that LDN is not as good as ptcl, plz tell me that wat would i choose ??



i think u have had enuff info about this matter now is the time to use your brain....

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my pleasure :) . frieands,im getting confused,sum ppl saying that ptcl rocks while sum say that LDN is not as good as ptcl, plz tell me that wat would i choose ??

Use Wateen but before using it read my userID signature :D