Lcd TV or Lcd Monitor + TV Device (Please Help)

I want to buy 22" LCD TV, but it cost high, other option is to buy a Lcd monitor with tv device.

What you guys suggest in terms of cost and picture quality?

there are not any Good or Future Proof TV Device Availble in Market :/ .

sab china arha hai mere bhai

You should go with 16:9 aspect ratio LCD Monitor, they are cheaper than 16:10 monitors, Dell, ViewSonic, Samsung, LG, BenQ all have replaced older 16:10 models. Dunno abt costs in Pakistan, but here in India LCDs are dirt cheap now, 22" @ 8-9k INR.

and buy Good quality TV Tuner, Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 is nice and not costly also, miles better than any chinese or local desi stuff. AverMedia and Pinnacle make good TV Tuners also.

I have never liked idea of multifunctional device, you have to compromise, So I suggest you to dont go for LCD monitor with built in TV Tuner.

Now allmost all 22" are full HD 1080p, so make sure before upgrading that your GPU is capable of handle latest games.