Lcd monitor or plasma

hi guys i have bought 17 inch samsung lcd model t190. its all good but i use it both for monitor and tv purpose.

and i have matress in my room wheni watch tv laying down on matress lcd colors all goes black. i was really not aware of this issue when i but it.

guys plz tell me that plasma solve this problem or not

Get a CRT flat monitor.


just change ur angle :lol:

that aint a Big problem

change ur LCD angle as according to u

as told u my matress is on floor and lcd tft on computer table . i can see it very five when i am on same height as lcd is. but i have changed its angle maximumuly down toward my floor but result is black

nothing kan solve ur problem dude..

all u kan do is to take ur mattress UP..

even plasma will go black

now thats i want to know i i change it with plasma then will it solve my problem or no as i have searched and found that plasma have far more better result than lcd on blacks.

^ Then you only have two options left...

1. get yourself a bed.

2. get yourself a CRT monitor.


Of course Plasma has far best biew angles as compared to LCDs

chek these

thats the reason that plasma r expensive as cmpared to LCDs,

the simple reason for best quality of plasma is that in LCDs there is only one lamp glowing downside of TFT, while each n every pixel of PLASma work as a mini bulb,

I advice u to take a big screen LCD instead of buying PLASMA.

and as ULTIMATE said..

Buy a bed..

or A CRT..

ok thnx for to al for informative replys . now tel me if i but plasma monitor wil it be ok . i mean is plasma monitor be harmul for eyes as compared to lcds or both are same in this manner.