Launch of a new website by the name of Starz

if you want to check out the coolest restaurants, the best bakeries, the most competent doctors, the most vibrant shopping malls, the most amazing local institutions and univerisities around town, just log in to

You can share your views and post reviews on your own experiences with the various businesses in your city. is agreat resource to find out about any business in your area before going there.

Also, you can share your experiences of businesses in your cities so others can

benefit from the information

Starz is very interesting site and covers all major cities of Pakistan.

On a recent trip to Islamabad I stumbled across a great deal at a guest house - of course, my search criteria was a place that was less than Rs.3500 per night and had wifi access. Starz let me filter the search results based on location, price, wifi-availability and several other factors. Made it really easy to find exactly what I was looking for. Check it out here:

Also, decided to visit Bar.B.Q Tonight after reading its reviews on Starz - turned out to be a great experience:

I'd suggest to give it a try when traveling outside your local city - or when looking for some new restaurants or hangouts in your home city.


fantastic websites a website with a difference really liked the layout ,workin a outlook of its worth added to bookmarks.

great creation .....10/10 from my side.. :)

Good web site,at least now we can find some thing local on the internet

hope it will be updated day by day

This is a gr8 website. This type of site was extremely required for the Pakistani people so that they could get unbiased information about different places in Pakistan.

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