Lastpass. Password management tool


I have been using 'lastpass' for sometime and found it to be a wonderful password management tool. It saves me the trouble of remembering passwords for my different online accounts. I just have to type my password at the start. And the good thing is its free.


Yes LastPass is one of best (free) password management tools I have tried so far, and with AutoLogin option , it can really help people who have to manage too many sites/forums/servers passwords. Supports all major platforms, browsers, phones etc.

+1 recommendation for LastPass.


Its auto form filling feature is a real time saver.


nice thanks for share


I use Sticky Password for 3 years now and it is really great tool for managing all your online identity as well as for form filling.


Secure login addon for firefox is what I use.


From where I can download this password managing tool? I'm tired of typing my passwords. Need this thing.


from there