Laptop help windows Vista

how to reinstall windows vista on preinstalled windows when it comes with notebooks... theres only a original serial key at bottom of the notebook. i don't know how to reinstall vista witohut a Vista CD.becuase now these days they dont give cd/dvd with notebooks comes with only installed windows and serial key. *Help*

You should have made a backup of the hidden partition. Try finding it by booting a live cd.


I dont think the laptops now come without a OS CD/DVD for reinstall purpose. there is always a CD/DVD with it for your ease.

you must have got some thing wrong with the package.

which brand and model did you get?

toshiba satellite .....i bought it from USA

^I didn't find that Toshiba Satellite models come without reinstallable DVD.

however if you haven't got one. then you need to have a new CD/DVD if you want to reinstall.

bought back in june 2007 at that time only pre installed vista was comming i argued with sale representive at (physical store) he told me something i don't remember exaxtly it was microsoft policy or toshiba policy,but still i have 3 years extended warranty accidentall.If i drops or damage or break into pieces they will give the new one $300 warranty.

Most lptop vendors will sell you a new windows disk if u lose urs. Try contacting the local toshiba dealer for a replacement windows disk

Theres another partition that has the OS files. Im not sure how these are accessed though but i believe its through a boot command or through a disk provided

no i had same problem with mine sony, there wasn't any os cd with laptop so you meant to run one software which is pre-installed to take backup of your laptop on dvd(s).

so for me i just reinstalled windows xp using that cd key came with laptop and also deleted that extra partition which was there for recovery purpose (but it also void warranty)